Pink Triangle Brings The Funk To Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2023

Posted on 25th January, 2023

Pink Triangle Brings The Funk To Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2023

We are pleased to announce that the famous Pink Triangle brand is back! After twenty years, the innovative and mould-breaking British designs return.

Pink Triangle was the first company to talk about “Closer to the Master Tape”, and now Arthur Khoubesserian's Isolation Bubble theory is fully exploited in that quest.

Pink Triangle Blue Danube Bristol 2023

Pink Triangle's first turntable is dubbed Blue Danube and debuted at last year's UK Audio Show as part of the Funk Nature Series. However, anyone that knows Arthur knows he's constantly developing his ideas!

Pink Triangle Blue Danube Bristol 2023

The Pink Triangle Blue Danube is touted as “a wolf in sheep's clothing” because it “technically is more finely honed as a reference standard turntable”. Yet, at the same time, it looks exquisite enough to grace the most beautiful home. Moreover, the turntable is highly customisable, so it can be ordered to suit its surroundings. Furthermore, this comes from the mind that proudly states, “Funk created the lowest wow, flutter and rumble ever measured.”

The Blue Danube will likely be plugged into The Funk Firm's Akutrak state-of-the-art phono stage. But, according to Mr Khoubesserian, it goes much further than that, as Akutrak “actually corrects for cartridge frequency response errors”.

Alongside the new turntable will be a prototype pair of active floor-standing speakers. We are told that the aesthetics of these speakers complement the concept to provide a coherent, domestically acceptable system feel.

The Funk Firm Bristol 2023

Finally, Funk continues to build on its range of turntable upgrades, and new for 2023 is a new range of ROK plinth constructions. Striking to behold, they are particularly non-resonant and are cosmetically customisable. Various designs have been created for Rega, Linn, GL75, Thorens and Technics, Linn.

The Funk Firm Bristol 2023

There is also an updated Houdini and more to see, and you are welcome to ask Arthur any technical questions about his products or vinyl playback in general.

Pink Triangle. Funk. There will undoubtedly be plenty to tempt you.

See Pink Triangle & Funk Firm in room 414 of The Bristol Hi-Fi Show.


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