Piega Coax 2 Series Launched

Posted on 10th June, 2022

Piega Coax 2 Series Launched

Piega unveils four new Coax Gen2 models refining its unique aluminium cabinet and ribbon driver design.

Piega's Coax 2 series brings four new models featuring an all-new coaxial ribbon tweeter/mid driver and upgraded aluminium cabinets. The technical refinements promise deeper and more dynamic bass alongside the original's precision.

Piega Coax Gen 2 Series

We met the new Coax 811, 611, and 411 at High End Munich 2022 and feature higher volume cabinets, a reworking of the aluminium extrusion to further refine enclosure performance, and numerous technical innovations, says Piega.

The Swiss firm has designed, developed and manufactured its unique ribbon drivers with wafer-thin aluminium foil diaphragms that are said to be thirty times lighter than conventional HF domes. This, they say, enables an extraordinarily spatial and detailed high-frequency reproduction. The brand later expanded its driver technology to include a combined midrange and tweeter ribbon, with the ribbon tweeter placed centrally in the middle of the surrounding midrange ribbon driver – this resulted in the Piega Coax Series.

Piega Coax Gen 2 Series

The new three-way Coax models sport the latest, upgraded version of said coaxial ribbon driver, which now features a redesigned solid aluminium front panel with additional cross-bracing and a centre bridge. The redesign allows installing an extra neodymium magnet above the tweeter to improve efficiency. Furthermore, a newly developed, specially coated driver foil achieves a more linear frequency response in the lower frequency range to deliver seamless integration with the low-frequency drivers. The coaxial ribbon now takes over reproduction from 450 Hz upwards, creating a seamlessly linear response through the critical vocal range and into the HF spectrum.

Piega Coax Gen 2 Series

The proven UHQD woofers were given more room to breathe by refining the high-quality and seamlessly extruded aluminium enclosure design and increasing volume.

Piega Coax Gen 2 Series

Piega states that its “Tension Improve Module” (TIM) has been further refined for Gen2, clamping to internal rails formed into the profile and hand tightened to put the cabinet under tension in critical areas. By significantly increasing the cabinet's rigidity, the new TIM2 modules reduce cabinet vibrations while viscoelastic damping foils bonded inside the cabinet eliminate the remaining resonances. The result is an incredibly stiff and well-damped enclosure with increased cabinet volume over previous Coax models, according to the manufacturer.

Coax 811 is the flagship floorstander fitted with four 220 mm UHQD woofers - two actively driven by the connected amplifier, two oscillating as passive diaphragms alongside the new C212+ coax driver. This is said to be good for 22Hz-50kHz with 92dB/W/m sensitivity and impedance rated at 4 Ohm nominal. Next in line is the Coax 611, which is taller and deeper than the older Coax 511. However, the cabinet is only 21 cm wide and incorporates five 160 mm UHQD woofers, two of which are actively driven, and three serve as passive diaphragms and are paired with the new C112+ coaxial ribbon and produce 32Hz – 50kHz at 90dB/W/m. Finally, the Coax 411 is a stand-mount loudspeaker fitted with the C112+ coaxial ribbon and a 160 mm UHQD woofer to make 35Hz – 50kHz at 90dB/W/m.

Piega Coax Gen 2 Series

Joining these is the Coax Center 211 for those who enjoy multi-channel home cinema or spatial audio systems. Again, you get the C112+ coaxial ribbon with two UHQD woofers to ensure outstanding speech intelligibility. Claimed frequency response is 35Hz – 50kHz.

The Piega Coax Gen 2 series is available from September with the 811 in brushed aluminium finish priced at £26,900.00 (black or white versions £27,500.00 per pair); the 611 costs £14,900 per pair (£15,500.00 for black anodised or white lacquer), whereas the 411 in brushed aluminium has an SRP of £7,900.00 per pair (anodised black and white lacquer costing £8,500.00 per pair). Finally, the Center 211 is £4,900.00 or £5,200.00 each, depending on the finishes.

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