Philips OLED+935 TVs Announced

Posted on 1st September, 2020

Philips OLED+935 TVs Announced

The headline act for the Philips launch extravaganza was the OLED+935 which is offered as a 48-inch model amongst the more expected sizes.

Philips' OLED+935 (from £1800) is the brand's flagship line and boasts audio through TP Vision's on-going partnership with British speaker maestros, Bowers & Wilkins.

Philips OLED+935

The 935+OLED ups the ante from the already impressive OLED805 thanks to an upgraded processor: the P5 AI Intelligent Dual Picture Engine. The 'Dual' element being the addition of a dedicated AI chip that apparently “enhances the AI PQ performance”. Of course, all your HDR needs are catered for, including HLG and both HDR10 and HDR10+ while also improving Dolby Vision encoded dynamic HDR content using the special 'Dolby Bright mode'.

The new telly also introduces Philips' anti-burn-in tech. As its name suggests, this promises to solve 95% of OLED burn-in issues which is achieved by scanning a grid of 32,400 zones for static elements such as logos, including game home screens, and reducing their brightness without compromising the output of other parts of the screen.

Philips OLED+935

Sound is delivered by a very capable integrated Bowers & Wilkins soundbar that dishes out 70W and sports ten drivers, including two dedicated upward-firing drivers, in addition to the delightfully conspicuous tweeter-on-top arrangement. The upshot here is a Dolby Atmos-friendly 3.1.2 configuration which should enhance your movie viewing.

Philips OLED+935

Before you think that this might all be too much TV for you, Philips has kept in mind you city dwellers, and country cottage owners and have added the 48-inch 48OLED935 for those looking for a television that won't overpower the room. Of course, this joins the more traditional 55-inch (55OLED935) and 65-inch (65OLED935) flavours. I think that this is an excellent option although will see Philips going toe-to-toe with several other brands in this arena who also use the same LG-sourced panel, including LG, obviously.

Philips was also quite proud of its new remote control. I have to admit, it is rather elegant with its flush, metallic, backlit keys. Additionally, the sides and rear of the RC are wrapped in responsibly sourced leather from Scottish specialists Muirhead.

Philips OLED+935

The final bit of news is that OLED+935 gains a fourth plane of Ambilight LEDs dotted along its bottom edge. That might not be a deal-breaker for most but, for those who wall-mount their telly, this expands the action much more evenly. However, when asked whether four-sided Ambilight will reach other models, we were told to wait and see what next year will bring. The same goes for HDMI 2.1 tech such as VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). Although, the OLED+935 does rock ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode).

The 55-inch (£2000) and 65-inch (£2700) versions of the OLED+935 are available this month, with the 48-inch (£1800) model following in October. 

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