Perlisten Audio Loudspeakers Bring THX Dominus Certification to the UK

Posted on 19th January, 2022

Perlisten Audio Loudspeakers Bring THX Dominus Certification to the UK

Perlisten Audio is an American loudspeaker brand that's certainly making a name for itself, and now UK audiophiles have a chance to find out what all the fuss is about.

The Perlisten Audio range of loudspeakers and subwoofers has landed in the UK through Karma AV's retail network.

Perlisten Audio Speakers in UK

Perlisten was founded in 2016 and is based in Verona, Wisconsin. However, in the last couple of years, the brand has been making considerable momentum in “offering music and home cinema enthusiasts a completely proprietary path to greater fidelity and value.”

We're told that over five years of advanced modelling, measurement and listening have been dedicated to developing transducers, electronics and software entirely in-house; nothing has been sourced 'off-the-shelf or contract manufactured outside the company's production facilities.

Perlisten Audio Speakers in UK

The company prides itself on precision in production and quality control. This, says Perlisten, results in optimum performance and enduring quality from its proprietary technologies. Said tech includes Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) array, comprising a waveguided 28mm Beryllium dome tweeter and twin 28mm 'Textreme' Poly Carbon mid-range diaphragms, engineered in a single unit. This, says the brand, results in exceptionally accurate and natural dispersion and coherence from 1kHz-30kHz.

Perlisten's DPC is deployed by the brand's latest Signature 'S' range of loudspeakers, which embraces the S7 4-way Tower, a matching S7 Centre model, the 3-way stand-mounting S5 Monitor, a 3-way S4s angled surround/height/LCR design, and a bookshelf version, the S4b. In each model the DPC is complemented by multiple or single 180mm Textreme woofers according to system size.

Sitting below the S Series is the Reference 'R' Series in similar configurations but deploying a DPC-Array of three 26mm silk domes and twin 165mm HFP pulp woofers, supported by 165mm HFP woofers.

Perlisten Audio Speakers in UK

Reinforcing the low-end foundations is a range of four active subwoofers incorporating proprietary amplification, DSP and App control. The top of the range D215s features twin 380mm carbon fibre woofers in a push-pull configuration, driven by a 3kW Perlisten amplifier. Meanwhile, the compact D12s uses a 300mm carbon fibre driver and 1.5kW amplifier. All subs include 48-bit DSP and 32-bit processing, a 2.4-inch LCD colour touchscreen display and proprietary App control.

Perlisten Audio Speakers in UK

S Series designs are available in high gloss ebony and high gloss black or white (S4s in gloss black/white only), while the R Series models are offered in high gloss black. The D series subs are available in a piano black finish.

Perlisten Audio Speakers in UK

A notable feather in Perlisten Audio's cap is that it apparently is the first brand in the world to have received THX Dominus Certification. This is the newest and highest performance class of THX Certification, meant to bridge the gap between large home theatre speakers and those used in movie houses worldwide. Suitable for rooms up to 184 cubic metres and up to a 6m viewing distance, THX Certified Dominus speakers are certified to reproduce very high SPLs with low distortion.

Typical retail prices (inc VAT) range from £18,300 pair for the High Gloss Ebony S7t and £8,100 for the flagship D215s subwoofer to £4,500 pair for the R4b model.

Visit Perlisten Audio for more information


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