Parasound Launches Three New ZoneMaster Amplifiers

Posted on 15th December, 2020

Parasound Launches Three New ZoneMaster Amplifiers

Parasound has added a trio of ZoneMaster amplifiers to its custom installation range.

Parasound's ZoneMaster series is now joined by the two-channel ZM 2 and four-channel ZM 4 along with the ZM 12 which, as luck would have it, provides 12 channels of amplification to up to 24 speakers.

Parasound ZoneMaster ZM2 ZM4 ZM12

The D-Class newcomers feature Danish-made ICEpower modules and are here to not only add flexibility to the range but also to solve multi-zone design challenges.

Parasound ZM 4

The ZM 4's two output zones can operate from a common source bus or independently from two separate sources. Each channel has individually adjustable line-level gain controls, and the output for each zone can be mono or stereo.

Parasound ZoneMaster ZM2 ZM4 ZM12

Sporting Phoenix-style speaker connectors, it can power up to eight speakers via the A+B speaker outputs. Additionally, you can daisy-chain additional amps thanks to the loop outputs.

Parasound ZM 2

The half-width ZM 2 has similar performance for a single zone; however, here you get an 80 Hz low-pass filter which can be applied to the line-level output for a powered subwoofer. It can also be applied to the main amplifier outputs for use with passive subwoofers in mono or stereo mode. Using the A/ B speaker outputs, up to four speakers can be powered.

Parasound ZoneMaster ZM2 ZM4 ZM12

Both amplifiers boast 150 watts per channel into 4-ohm and 2-ohm loads,  and 120 watts for 8-ohm speakers. They can be turned on using 12V triggers, audio detection, or via the front panel button. The ZM 4 offers increased flexibility as you can switch on all zones, or each zone individually - great for combining with streaming sources that have 12V triggers.

Parasound ZM 12

Parasound ZoneMaster ZM2 ZM4 ZM12

The ZM 12 is a 12-channel, 2-ohm stable power amplifier for commercial and residential audio systems and offers flexible power options for stereo audio in six zones and up to 24 individual speakers.

The ZM 12 drives two channels at 120 watts each into 8-ohms, with the remaining 10 channels at 60 watts each. With 4-ohm speakers typical of architectural audio, the ratings are 150 and 100 watts respectively. There are also A and B speaker outputs for each channel.

Parasound ZoneMaster ZM2 ZM4 ZM12

Each channel has an individual line-level input jack, level control, and two detachable Phoenix-connector speaker outputs. Each zone can connect to one of two line-level buses or to a speaker-level input bus. Buffered loop outputs facilitate daisy-chaining amplifiers.

Parasound ZoneMaster ZM2 ZM4 ZM12

The ZM 12 has a suite of power on options: global (all zones) auto turn on with a switch to select either a single 12V trigger or audio sensing, and each zone can be independently turned on by 12V or audio sensing.

The Parasound ZoneMaster ZM 2, ZM 4 and ZM 12 are available now at RRPs of £599, £1,199 and £2,999, respectively including VAT.

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