Ortofon’s New Concorde Music Cartridge Range Lands in Munich

Posted on 14th May, 2024

Ortofon’s New Concorde Music Cartridge Range Lands in Munich

Ortofon announces the immediate availability of its new Concorde Music cartridge range at High End Munich 2024. 

Ortofon's Concorde Music promises vinylistas a new, convenient cartridge option for tonearms with removable headshells.

Ortofon Concorde Music

Like a particular turntable brand, Ortofon's Concorde-shaped cartridges are now considered the de facto standard in the DJ world. However, it is essential to remember that the design started as a hi-fi cartridge when this revolutionary cart was first unveiled in 1979 as a plug-and-play model with a stylus and a lower mass than the VMS cartridges Ortofon was already producing.

Thanks to its unique design, the Concorde has been in continuous production for Ortofon ever since. It has changed subtly over the years but has retained its remarkable robustness and impressive tracking ability.

Today, Concorde Music brings the Concorde body shape back to the hi-fi space, mirroring the 2M Series offering but with unique characteristics.  

Ortofon Concorde Music

Still sporting the plug-and-play installation on tonearms with SME-style headshell mountings as the original, you are offered Red, Blue, Bronze, Black and LVB 250 stylus options to suit different sound preferences, technical specifications, and budgets.  

The new series utilises the same cartridge body and generator system, enabling easy stylus upgrades in the future. Meanwhile, a generous 6mV output facilitates easy system matching.


Inside, silver-plated oxygen-free copper is chosen for the quad coil system, together with four Ortofon split pole pins, delivering a clear, powerful 6mV output of dynamic, lifelike sound with exceptional clarity and fidelity to your connected phono stage.  

Ortofon Concorde Music

Each model in the Concorde Music range is identified by its coloured stylus, reflecting its position in the range and the type of sound you can expect. Concorde Music Red, for instance, features a high-quality elliptical diamond stylus profile, while Concorde Music Blue promises a more refined performance thanks to its nude elliptical diamond.  

Boasting a nude fine-line diamond stylus profile, the Concorde Music Bronze boasts precision and detail, and the Concorde Music Black's high-end nude Shibata stylus profile should bring you closer to what the performer intended. 

Concorde Music LVB 250 is the series' flagship, thanks to its mounting of a nude Shibata diamond on a high-quality boron cantilever. Ortofon says the result is a sound performance like a more expensive moving coil design—true high-end excellence.

Ortofon Concorde Music

Each model in the Concorde Music range also uses a purpose-chosen rubber compound for its suspension system. Incidentally, Ortofon is also a leading rubber producer, enabling it to make the suspension systems in-house to exacting standards. 

Ortofon's Concorde Music range is available now. Prices start at £129 for the Red, followed by the Blue, priced at £219, the Bronze, £365, and the Black, priced at £525. The LVB250, which will sell for £829, caps the series off.

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