Ortofon 2MR Reduced-Bodied Moving Magnet Cartridges Released

Posted on 11th November, 2023

Ortofon 2MR Reduced-Bodied Moving Magnet Cartridges Released

Ortofon has announced the availability of a low-profile addition to its 2M Series of moving magnet cartridges.

Ortofon states that the new 2MR range takes the existing 2M cartridge offering and re-shapes it into a new “Reduced” housing, making it compatible with a broader range of tonearms.

Ortofon 2MR

The existing 2M range is well suited to many tonearms in the modern market and is happy on tonearms with adjustable VTA. However, Ortofon points out many tonearms from popular turntable makers, such as Linn, Rega, Pro-Ject and others, where the VTA is not adjustable, and the regular 2M cartridge height is too high. This hurdle is also presented should you modify your turntable with a thicker mat or platter upgrade and need to compensate with reduced cartridge height. Enter 2MR.

Ortofon 2MR

2MR reduces the overall cartridge body height by 3mm, maintaining the Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA). This is the angle between the pivot point of a cartridge's cantilever and where the diamond touches the record groove. Ortofon cartridges are constructed so that the cantilever angle corresponds to the 20° record cutting angle when the cartridge is loaded with recommended tracking force, and the cartridge base is parallel with the tonearm, which is in turn parallel to the record surface.

Ortofon 2MR

2MR benefits from all the existing 2M Series' commitments to authentic sound reproduction, including a “high-performance” motor system featuring quad coils and split pole pin technology.

Ortofon 2MR

As this different-sized cartridge option is helpful in many use cases, each model of the 2M range is available as a 2MR variant, including the 2M Black LVB250, the 2M Mono and the 2M 78. For convenience, the 2MR styli are the same as the regular 2M range styli and can be upgraded as with the standard range.

Ortofon 2MR

The Ortofon 2MR range of cartridges will begin shipping in November 2023, with prices starting at £95 for the 2MR Red, the 2MR Blue priced at £189, and the 2MR Bronze costing £365. The 2MR Black will sell for £525, with the range-topping 2MR LVB250 carrying a £829 price tag. Ortofon also offers the more specialist 2MR 78 (£129) and 2MR Mono (£349).

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