Ophidian Second-Generation M-Series Speakers Launched

Posted on 9th November, 2020

Ophidian Second-Generation M-Series Speakers Launched

Ophidian has unveiled its second-generation, three-model M-series loudspeakers.

Ophidian's second-generation Minimo, Mojo and Mambo speakers have been completely revised from the ground up says company head honcho, Gareth James.

Ophidian M-series 2

Ophidian Mojo 2

The British-made speakers are generally well-received, and we certainly enjoyed our time with the first-generation Mojo as they offered excellent performance from a flexible, compact design.

We are told that the new M-series 2 speakers take the same formula and push it even further. The cabinets continue to be built in Sheffield with the newly designed woodwork housing the tried and true 27mm fabric dome tweeter from SEAS, Norway. In place of the previous gen's 3.5-inch (90mm) mid-bass driver sits a larger 4.5-inch (115mm) unit. This new mid-bass driver features a coated paper cone with 65% greater surface area than the older model, says Gareth.

Ophidian M-series 2

Additionally, it features a 1-inch (25mm) 4-layer voice coil which is kept cool by an aluminium former. Rounding things off is a large magnet and powerful motor system coupled to Ophidian's unique Aeroflex bass loading topology. The result is that the M-series 2 speakers will create “a true room-filling sound that belies their compact size.”

The Mambo 2 floorstander features a hidden third bass driver that augments the output from the two front-mounted drivers for output potential more akin to that of a much larger speaker.

Ophidian M-series 2

All three models utilise crossover components from famed German manufacturer Mundorf and feature air-cored coils for the critical midrange crossover and non-inductive resistors throughout.

The second-gen M-series speakers also sport removable magnetic grilles for a cleaner front look. Also, the Minimo 2 retains the ability to be wall-mounted for surround setups as well as being perfectly capable of powering most living room setups on their own.

All models are available in either Oak or Walnut real wood veneer finishes with the Minimo 2 costing £900, the Mojo 2, £1,200, and the Mambo 2 priced at £2,000 all including VAT.

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