Node Hylixa at The Design Museum

Posted on 24th July, 2020

Node Hylixa at The Design Museum

Node Audio's impressive Hylixa loudspeakers have been invited to be part of the Design Museum's latest exhibition.

Node's Hylixa speakers sport cutting-edge design and technology, so it is of no surprise to StereoNET that they find themselves as part of the latest exhibition hosted by London's famous Design Museum.

Node Hylixa Design Museum uk hifi news

As London's cultural landmarks begin to reopen the Design Museum kicks off with an exciting new headline exhibition dubbed Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers. Curated by Jean-Yves Leloup, the comprehensive collection charts the 50-year history of electronic music - from experimental studio production and the underground raves, to the pioneering Chicago and Manchester club scene.

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Visitors to the exhibition will be greeted by Node's iconic laser-manufactured Hylixa loudspeakers, showcasing the cutting-edge of music playback. You will then be transported back in time, through the history of the electronic genre, in an audio and visual experience like no other.

Node's director Ashley May told StereoNET:

Electronic is more than music. The innovation, culture, graphics and design of the movement is inseparable from the music itself. It resonates with our innovative approach to speaker design - complete synergy in acoustics and aesthetics for a real multi-sensory experience. Leloup's exhibition highlights that poetic relationship between man/woman and machine. To capture that innate human beauty is the aim of our out-of-the-box speaker design.

Node Hylixa Design Museum uk hifi news

Although Electronic music is now well-and-truly part of the mainstream, the exhibition highlights how audio quality has always been at the forefront of digitally created music. From the sparse, but expertly mastered Kraftwerk recordings, to the ambient, spacial works of Brian Eno, as well as the more complex, bass-heavy Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk.

Ashley goes on to explain:

The holographic imaging of our speakers helps deliver a large soundstage, separating each element in an ambient electronic mix.

As experienced in our Node Hylixa review, the speaker's articulate bass proved to be perfect for electronic music's fundamental rhythmic foundation. Additionally, the gifted ability of the talented BMR driver to resolve densely-layered tracks with unruffled ease will undoubtedly suit this style.   

Node Hylixa Design Museum uk hifi news

As well as cutting-edge audio, you will be treated to 3D Kraftwerk films, a pulsating 20,000 LED light installation to a soundtrack by DJ Laurent Garnier, and a new audio-visual experience from The Chemical Brothers show directors Smith and Lyall.
The exhibition opens at the London Design Museum on July 31st 2020 and runs until the February 14th 2021. Visit the design museum webpage to learn more and to book tickets.

For more information, please visit Node Audio.


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