Node Audio Finds its Chinese Distributor in Cambridge

Posted on 26th November, 2020

Node Audio Finds its Chinese Distributor in Cambridge

Node Audio has found its Chinese distributor in Cambridge.

Node Audio expands into China with newly appointed Chinese distributor, DavidHugh (HeXu) who, handily, is based both in Cambridge and Shanghai.

Node Audio DavidHugh HeXu

As well as being neighbours in Cambridge, Node and DavidHugh share a background in industrial design. Additionally, DavidHugh brings together biomedical engineers and neuroscientists, and the company has created the Elysium chair where people can experience true weightlessness - possibly the ultimate listening chair?

Node Audio Director, Ashley May, told StereoNET:

By exploiting advanced manufacturing technologies, we've created products with acoustics and aesthetics in harmony, which we know will resonate with a broader Chinese market. By partnering with DavidHugh, we're able to introduce our Hylixa loudspeakers into the Chinese high-end HiFi sector and beyond.

Node Audio DavidHugh HeXu

DavidHugh's team has spent time at Node's Cambridge headquarters understanding the advanced engineering in their 'Helical Bass' enclosure, as well as experiencing the laser-based 3D printing system used to create the speakers at first hand. They have even witnessed how each speaker is carefully assembled to the clients' bespoke finish.

Node Audio DavidHugh HeXu

Node's Hylixa speakers launch at the Design Shanghai exhibition on the 26th November 2020. Dr David Wickett, DavidHugh's Director adds:

We are delighted to partner with Node Audio and to introduce their remarkable Hylixa speakers to the Chinese market. Node Audio and DavidHugh have a lot in common. Our products are great examples of what we believe to be uniquely British: research-based design incorporating a spirit of inventiveness, convergence, advanced engineering and beauty. We very much look forward to growing the Chinese market together.

Following the launch, you'll be able to experience Hylixa at the DavidHugh experience lab, located in the Yonda Bentley showroom in the Pudong district in Shanghai.

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