Node Announces Updated Hylixa Signature Loudspeakers

Posted on 27th August, 2021

Node Announces Updated Hylixa Signature Loudspeakers

Node has been busy refining and improving its already impressive Hylixa loudspeakers to create the Hylixa Signature.

Node's Hylixa loudspeakers are really quite something and, as such, received one of our Applause Awards when we reviewed them. Touted as the first 'Helical Bass' loudspeaker at its launch in 2018, a design made possible thanks to advanced laser-based 3D printing, the Hylixa Signature has a tough act to follow.

“Along with transparency, the essence of this speaker is speed and agility.” - that's one of the remarks we made about the original. However, we are told that Node's Cambridge-based team has been busy further refining Hylixa's sonic performance and aesthetic, with one of the noticeable changes being the all-new base design. Gone is the tripod in favour of a heavyweight disc machined from a solid billet of Stainless Steel. Node says that this helps reduce unwanted vibrational energy, as well as fitting in easier with more room styles.  

Additionally, the Hylixa's central pillar has been thoroughly re-engineered for improved acoustic transparency. The extruded aluminium has been replaced by a single laser-fused pillar component from the same dynamically inert glass-nylon material as the speaker's head. The company states that this completely eliminates the proximity of metal components, which can degrade the signal while also increasing internal space for the upgraded crossover.

On the subject of the Hylixa Signature's crossover, here you will find a larger magazine-loaded, laser-fused structure that gives the components such as upgraded Mundorf capacitors, with Duelund internal wiring, more space. Moreover, the crossover magazine is also a structural element to the central pillar for enhanced external vibrational deadening. Finally, the binding posts are now at floor level for even more discrete hook-up - hopefully, they are also more clearly marked, as that caused confusion for some.

Node's Director Ashley May told StereoNET:

Our Hylixa speakers embrace laser-based 3D printing to deliver a product where acoustics and aesthetics converge. However, as innovators and engineers, we are constantly pursuing improvements in every area. Hylixa Signature is the culmination of several advancements to deliver a better product and will replace the legacy model as of September 2021.

Naturally, as with the original model, the Signature version of Hylixa offers endless cabinet paint options and precious metal fascia plating. However, you can also choose between bright stainless steel or a chemically blackened base. Furthermore, should you want to check that your choices will fit in with your room's decor, Node offers a complimentary CGI visualisation service enabling you to freely experiment to achieve the perfect combination.

If you want to check them out yourself, Node will demonstrate a pre-production pair at next month's Salon Privé show at Blenheim Palace, whilst visitors to October's UK Audio Show in Daventry will be the first to experience the finalised production versions.

Prices for the Node Hylixa Signature start from £30,000, which, incidentally, is the same price as the original.

Visit Node Audio for more information


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