New Q Acoustics Entry-Level Range at High End Munich

Posted on 9th May, 2024

New Q Acoustics Entry-Level Range at High End Munich

Q Acoustics unveils its 3000c loudspeaker series at High End Munich 2024.

Q Acoustics' 3000c speaker range is the latest generation of the brand's most affordable and popular loudspeaker series. This generation, six years in the making, is a hugely important line for the company, hence the decision to use High End Munich as its launch platform.

Q Acoustics 3000c High End Munich 2024

The third-gen 3000 series consists of three standmount models, a floorstander and a centre channel for creating a home cinema package. Q Acoustics promises to deliver “a sonic performance and high-quality design and build way beyond its class” with its 3000c speakers.

Naturally, Q Acoustics has employed its Continuous Curved Cone (C3) midrange/bass driver, first introduced in the Q Acoustics 5000 series and helped the 5040 win an Applause Award. The upshot of this clever cone tech is that it benefits from the advantages of straight-sided and flared cone designs. The company states that you get improved bass quality while integrating better with the high frequencies. Furthermore, Q Acoustics says the C3 driver also allows you to position these speakers closer to walls.

Q Acoustics 3000c High End Munich 2024

At the press event, it was highlighted that the range's cabinets get the latest point-to-point bracing, a Q Acoustics technology first seen in flagship Concept 300 and Concept 500 speakers. This, we're told, mitigates low-frequency reverberation for better stereo imaging and soundstaging.

Q Acoustics 3000c High End Munich 2024

The drivers include a “hermetically sealed” tweeter mechanically isolated from the front baffle. This, says Q Acoustics, reduces mechanical vibrations generated by the mid/bass driver and internal pressure changes from the cabinet. The 3050c floorstander sees the implementation of the Helmholtz Pressure Equaliser tubes (also first seen in the premium Concept 500). Put simply, one end of a tube is placed in the highest pressure area while the other is in the lowest. This reduces standing waves' build-up to ensure low distortion levels and improve frequency response.

Q Acoustics 3000c High End Munich 2024

Finally, the 3000c retains the now familiar clear, curved cabinet style which is “expensive to do, but what the designer wants, the designer gets”. Alongside new outriggers that can be adjusted from above, there are satin metallic driver trim and four new finishes: Pin Oak, Claro Walnut, Satin White and Satin Black.

All models in the new 3000c range will be available from August 2024, with pricing starting at £329/ €399 for the Q Acoustics 3010c bookshelf, followed by the 3020c standmounter (£399/ €499) and 3030c large standmounter (£499/ €649). The 3050c floorstander costs £899/ €1,199, while the 3090c centre channel will sell for £299 /€399.

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