New Horizon Audio Announces 301 Turntable

Posted on 1st October, 2020

New Horizon Audio Announces 301 Turntable

The new range of Italian vinyl spinners from New Horizon Audio is proof that contemporary audio design has come a long way since the audio boom of the 70s.

Back then the affordable turntables would have looked much the same as the typical budget turntable of the day such as Pioneer’s PL12D, a workhorse that sold in the 100s of thousands.

The Pioneer was an excellent turntable for the money, and it sounded better than the looks suggested. It was totally reliable, as well. But compared to modern tables, it has to be said, the Pioneer’s styling was, drab.

Few could argue that New Horizon Audio’s turntables have a style and finish that elicit feelings of pride of ownership in every buyer.

Fast forward to 2020, and point those peepers on New Horizon Audio’s latest addition to its 300 series range called the 301.

And before you pepper the StereoNET response section with shouts of “Garrard 301 Rules!” allow me to acknowledge that indeed the Garrard, which has been re-released, remains a heavyweight in every sense of the word. And it still provides its lucky owners with a high-end sound.

Even so, the New Horizon 301 looks beautiful and the Garrard looks, quaint.

The 301 takes this Italian brand’s range to six turntables split up into three series. These comprise the entry-level 100 series, the mid-level 200 series and the flagship 300 series. So a turntable to fit most pockets whether they be shallow or deep.

As for the latest 301, it’s a belt-driven model sporting a thick plinth, has high mass and thanks to its amorphous composition reduces air and floor borne resonances.

Elsewhere, the 301 comes with a methacrylate platter weighing more than 2.2 lbs and one that’s CNC machined. The company describes this as a perfect cylinder that rotates on its axis. Fair enough.
The 301 features parts already used in the range such as Delrin feet for superior damping duties, unique spring suspension isolating the motor from the plinth and an inverted bearing composed of 4 elements and a massive central axis of 16mm designed in-house.

The 301 comes with a 9-inch tonearm that is pre-calibrated and fitted with an entry-level cartridge.

All of the New Horizon Audio’s models are handbuilt in Italy, and their superb styling speaks to this origin.

The New Horizon Audio 301 turntable will be available soon for under €2000.

For more information visit New Horizon Audio

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