Neat Acoustics Majistra Loudspeaker Joins Strata Range

Posted on 18th August, 2021

Neat Acoustics Majistra Loudspeaker Joins Strata Range

Neat Acoustics, based in the North of England, has announced its Majistra standmount loudspeaker.

The Neat Acoustics Majistra is the latest model in the British speaker specialist's Strata line, joining the Applause Award-winning Ministra standmount which also made it in to our end of year's honours list too! It also sits with its floorstanding siblings, the Ekstra and range-topping Orkestra.

Neat Acoustics Majistra

In the simplest terms, we are told that the Majistra follows the format of the Ministra model but in a larger form. Furthermore, the latest addition borrows the drive unit line-up from the Orkestra, including the 164mm bass-mid driver.

Naturally, you can expect the much-lauded ingredients that make a loudspeaker from Neat's Strata range. Firstly, an isobaric bass configuration working in concert with a true-ribbon tweeter. Additionally, there is also a separate sub-baffle for the front drivers.

As with all Neat loudspeakers, the Majistra's crossover is hand-built using point-to-point wiring with some of the best components available.

Neat Majistra

Company founder Bob Surgeoner assures us that “the 164mm bass-mid drivers in this arrangement produce a truly phenomenal bass extension and control, usually only found in larger floorstanding designs”.

Thanks to the promise of open, clean high frequencies from the ribbon tweeter, we expect that the Majistra brings an engaging and convincing presentation of all forms of music into the room.

Neat Acoustics Majistra

The Majistra measures 38 x 22 x 30cm and has a claimed frequency response of 30Hz-40kHz. Sensitivity is stated as 87dB ref 2.83v with 6 ohm nominal impedance.

The Neat Acoustics Majistra starts shipping next month in standard finishes of black oak, satin white, natural oak, and walnut for £3,495. Ebony Macassar will be available as special order and will have a retail price of £4,020.

Visit Neat Acoustics for more information


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