Naim Audio 1300 Watt In-Car Hi-Fi For Italian Hyper EV

Posted on 28th July, 2020

Naim Audio 1300 Watt In-Car Hi-Fi For Italian Hyper EV

Naim Audio has designed a 1300 Watt, ten-speaker sound system for the fastest car to come out of Italy.

Naim Audio and Automobili Pininfarina have today announced a partnership that promises to “bring the pinnacle of sonic experiences to prospective owners of the most powerful Italian sports car of all time.”

The incredible 1900 horsepower Battista electric hypercar is currently at the final stages of a rigorous test programme. The Automobili Pininfarina Battista boasts a sub-two second 0-100 km/h sprint and will hit 300 km/h from standing in less than 12 seconds - figures that would see a current F1 car struggling to keep up.

There will only be 150 of these hand-crafted hyper EVs made with each featuring a bespoke in-car sound system by Naim Audio.

The Fastest Naim

The newly developed Battista audio system delivers 1300 Watts through ten speakers which Automobili Pininfarina's engineers and designers have seamlessly integrated into the car's luxurious interior.

The audio system features a Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer located between the driver and passenger seats, with super-tweeters situated behind the seats and in the panels of Battista's elegant butterfly doors.

Naim Audio masters tuned the hypercar's amplification and built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) system to deliver exceptional in-car audio. Naturally, Naim's VerVent stablemate, Focal, was on hand to offer its in-car support and helped optimise all the speakers for this unique environment.

We are told that the result of this symmetrical speaker layout is an “auditorium-like studio effect, with a realism and ambience that will make it seem as if musicians are playing inside Battista itself.”

Charlie Henderson, Naim Audio Managing Director, told StereoNET:

I am thrilled that our first EV hypercar audio system has been created specifically for the groundbreaking Battista by Automobili Pininfarina. In the electric vehicle era, audio becomes more important than ever.

At cruising speeds, the nature of Battista will be serene and peaceful, and in this scenario, sound quality will be critical. We see this as a fantastic opportunity to create an all-new sound experience that is as revolutionary as Battista itself. Using the finest components from audiophile-grade automotive speakers, alongside our expertise in DSP and audio tuning, Battista will offer an exceptional sonic experience.

Rene Wollmann, Automobili Pininfarina Director of Sportscars, enthused:

Our clients are eagerly anticipating the unprecedented 1,900 PS driving performance of Battista, and now we will provide an equally thrilling 1,300 Watt in-car sound experience for their pleasure. We will also harness the sound of Battista's four e-motors, which will provide a unique and exciting soundtrack when this hypercar accelerates at speeds up to 350 km/h.

Sadly, we're not holding out much hope of finding one on our drive to review any time soon. As for the price, €2.6m will be the ballpark you'd be playing in.


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