Nagaoka Joins SDD Portfolio

Posted on 21st September, 2022

Nagaoka Joins SDD Portfolio

Nagaoka, the influential Japanese phono cartridge maker, has been added to Sound Design Distribution's line-up of high-end hi-fi brands.

Nagaoka was founded in 1940 as a manufacturer of precision clock parts and is now a leading supplier of vinyl pickup technology. In fact, it can count itself as an original influencer in the analogue sphere, today manufacturing around ninety percent of the world's diamond styli.

Nagaoka MP200

Nagaoka's innovative lightweight 'Moving Permalloy' (MP) cartridge technology has allowed it to champion the advantages of low moving mass for decades. Incidentally, the MP500 has won a StereoNET Applause Award and was recognised as Product of the Year.

As a superior alternative to MM designs, MP coils remain permanently mounted, but rather than use a heavy moving magnet, Nagaoka's MP technology employs a tiny piece of lightweight magnetic metal dubbed 'Permalloy'. This is said to result in a more accurate scanning of the record groove.

Nagaoka MP500

MP pickups are also electromagnetic transducers, delivering high signal voltages to the MM input of the pre-amplifier but with lower signal gain, thus avoiding the background noise associated with high gain levels.

Furthermore, all Nagaoka styli are interchangeable with the cartridge bodies as part of a convenient upgrade path, allowing, for instance, the latest model range styli to be used as replacements in the older model bodies.

Nagaoka JT-80

SDD's Nagaoka range comprises six 'MP' cartridge models and replacement styli alongside two new 80th anniversary 'JT' (JewelTone) series MM designs with replacement styli. SDD also supplies a line of vinyl accessories from Nagaoka.

Visit Nagaoka for more information


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