MQA High End Munich 2020 Announcements

Posted on 1st June, 2020

MQA High End Munich 2020 Announcements

MQA was prepared to show off its expanding global network at High End Munich 2020, but it has to settle with a virtual announcement.

MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) continues to grow its network of international partners and expand its reach. Even though we are all missing the Munich High End Show this year, it doesn't stop the British audio tech company from sharing news of its latest partnerships.

MQA CEO, Mike Jbara, told StereoNET:

Even during these extremely challenging times, we've seen strong business potential and have proceeded with campaign opportunities to support our partners. Development work continues uninterrupted, and we've been able to showcase MQA's unique capabilities to deliver the best sound for live audio broadcasts, as well as within video, proving we're ready to help existing and new partners navigate whatever the future brings.  The one constant remains our quest to deliver the best quality audio, whatever the playback environment.

Luxman D-03x MQA

Luxman announced joining the MQA family through the release of its D-03X digital player which has MQA-CD playback capability.  Another new hi-fi partner, Monitor Audio, has now officially launched its MQA-enabled IMS-4 music streaming solution.  

MQA Munich High End 2020

HiFi Rose released its RS201 network streamer late last year and will soon be adding the RS150 to its range of MQA-capable products.  Other new joiners include Topping and its D90 DAC, and Magnet, which is gearing up for international distribution of its recently released Elite S DAC.


Naturally, existing MQA partners have also announced new products, such as NAD and its T778 AV Surround Amplifier and M33 BluOS Streaming DAC Amplifier, which is coming soon. Additionally, there are firmware upgrades for ARCAM's SA30 integrated amplifier and its Solo Uno streamer with built-in amplifier.

Arcam Solo Uno MQA

There is a pair of desktop DACs on their way, too, the Pro-Ject DAC Box RS2, and the SMSL M400. Also, EMM Labs has released its DA2 V2 DAC, whereas Bel Canto has done the same with its e1X DAC and e1X Amplifier.


Astell Kern SR25 MQA

If you're looking for MQA on the go, a new partnership with FiiO finds the necessary skills on the company's new M11 Pro and M15 players, alongside the existing M11 model which can now be updated. Also, Astell&Kern's A&norma SR25 player, iFi audio's hip-dac; and a firmware update to upgrade the HiBy Music R6 and R6 Pro portable players, with the R8 coming soon, give you plenty of choices.

FiiO M11 MQA

MQA on a dongle? Rather! HELM Audio's Bolt DAC/AMP can now be pre-ordered for delivery in July; while Highscreen released its MQA-enabled TrueSound Pro rendering adapter in February. These will boost your portable products as well as unwrap MQA.

HELM Bolt MQA dongle

You can even get MQA in your car as JVC Kenwood continues to integrate MQA into more of its automotive accessories. Furthermore, over the next couple of months, several Sat Nav products will be released to the Japanese market that supports MQA-CD and MQA file playback.

Stay tuned for more announcements


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