Moonriver 404 Reference Integrated Amplifier Launched

Posted on 7th December, 2020

Moonriver 404 Reference Integrated Amplifier Launched

Moonriver Audio has announced the upgraded Reference version of its Model 404 integrated amplifier.

The Moonriver 404 Reference integrated builds on the Swedish brand's successful standard Model 404 by improving the heiart of the amplifier - its power supplies.

Moonriver 404 Reference

The 404 Reference retains the classic design cues and high-quality materials such as over-sized aluminium controls, solid walnut cheeks, a sturdy chassis and an ergonomic and user-friendly layout of the Class A/B Model 404 amp.

Where Moonriver has brought the extra magic to this hand-made dual-mono design is the power supplies for both the preamp and power amp sections which now have double the capacitance. We are told that this gives the Reference 404 a big advantage in how it handles the incoming signal.

Moonriver 404 Reference

Also, the 404 Reference chassis further reduces unwanted vibrations through absorbent materials and better integral mechanical support so you should get the best out of the quoted 10 Hz-50 kHz frequency response.

The 404 standard uses a total of 57000uf capacitance. The 404 Reference lifts the capacitance to 107000uf of which 21000 of those are reserved for the preamp. Moonriver tells us that this generous increment expands the driving behaviour; the dynamic character of the amplifier. The result is that the 404 Reference can dig out more detail, finding that low-level information. Additionally, we are told to expect a deeper and more articulate soundstage with increased separation and more authoritative bass from its 50 Watts per channel into 8 Ω output.
Moonriver states that the 404 Reference can drive most speakers on the market to significant levels. Around the rear, you'll find the substantial WBT nextgen speaker terminals that ensure all the information from the amp gets to your speakers.

Moonriver 404 Reference

Finally, like its Model 404 sibling, the Moonriver 404 Reference amplifier is modular. This gives you the option to fit either an MM or MM/MC phono stage, as well as an asynchronous USB DAC. These can be fitted at the time of purchase, or later in ownership. Moreover, the USB DAC can be upgraded with a newer version to meet future needs and technologies further down the line.
The Moonriver 404 Reference ships this month and has an RRP of €4,490.

Visit Moonriver for more information


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