Melco’s N10 Digital Audio Library Goes Gold

Posted on 26th October, 2020

Melco’s N10 Digital Audio Library Goes Gold

Melco celebrates 45 years with an anniversary model finished in celebratory champagne gold.

Melco is marking its 45th birthday with a champagne gold N10 library. The Japanese digital audio specialist will produce just fifty N10 45th Anniversary Limited Edition units, which will only be available in Europe. The special edition is supplied in an exclusive presentation box containing an official Melco certificate, pen, chopsticks, coaster, notepad and USB drive. It certainly looks more bling than the black version.

Melco N10 45th Anniversary Gold Edition

The Melco N10 45th Anniversary Limited Edition boasts increased storage capacity from 3TB to 5TB. That is as well as benefitting from the recently introduced EX Series upgrades (including Roon compatibility via USB download), and the introduction the Melco Intelligent Music Library (MIML). Additionally, there is also vTuner Internet radio and web control (from internet-connected devices).

Melco N10 45th Anniversary Gold Edition

Beneath the new finish, the casework is high-quality solid aluminium, including solid aluminium end-cheeks. The 215mm width also perfectly matches Melco's D100 CD loader, E100 Expansion drive and recently introduced S100 data switch.

High Precision

Melco says that the N10 uses the same extreme low-noise, high-precision digital music dataflow as the wider Melco EX Series and has been designed from the ground up as an audio-specific device - using no standard IT components or PC parts. Housed in two 215mm wide units, the N10 comprises a head unit, with all the processing electronics and the data connectivity, plus a power unit, containing a low-noise linear power supply and power management. Separating the components allows total isolation from noise pollution, as well as isolating vibration from the power transformer.

Melco N10 45th Anniversary Gold Edition

The power supply uses advanced techniques to minimise both internal noise and also external noise which might affect the main hi-fi system. It features an IEC 3 wire mains supply with a properly defined ground reference point. Connectivity between the power unit and the head unit is by a flexible cord with Neutrik multi-pin connectors.

Melco's General Manager Dan Raggett told StereoNET:

Melco's founder Makoto Maki is unfortunately no longer with us, but I believe he would have really loved the N10 45th Anniversary Limited Edition. It brings back the nostalgia of '70s Japanese hi-fi with its colour and looks. With great aesthetics combined with fantastic sound quality, the N10 45th Anniversary Limited Edition really is a stand out product. The team in Japan have worked really hard to realise this product in what has been a truly challenging year. Those 50 music lovers lucky enough to get their hands on one, will own a lovely piece of Melco history.

We're told that the N10's low-profile mainboard borrows the RISC processor and architecture from the N1Z series ensuring very low noise with precise data management; the N10 mainboard is optimised for extreme sound quality.

High Resolution

Melco N10 45th Anniversary Gold Edition

Equipped with twin Ethernet ports, the dedicated Ethernet Player port connects directly to the network player without an intervening data switch, ensuring that packet order and timing is maintained. Data rates up to 32-bit/384 kHz and Octo DSD are supported, as well as gapless and markerless DSD.

Finally, direct downloading of Hi-Res files from and other vendors is supported for error-free downloading. A front-panel USB socket provides convenient importing from USB devices, as well as offering direct playback from the portable drive without importing, or connecting a USB DAC.

The Melco 45th Anniversary champagne gold N10 library is priced at £7,499.

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