Posted on 15th August, 2019


McIntosh has announced the C2700 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier.

The Binghamton, New York audio brand certainly knows its way around valve amps, so the new McIntosh C2700 Tube Preamplifier holds plenty of promise.

McIntosh C2700 Pre-Amp

As well as using their well-established vacuum tube topology, the C2700 also sports McIntosh's bang up-to-date DA2 Digital Audio Module giving you the benefits of both valves and digital.

McIntosh DA2 DAC Module

First seen in the C53 pre-amp, the DA2 takes the baton from the DA1 and boasts a Quad Balanced, 8-channel, 32-bit Digital-to-Analogue Converter (DAC) that improves on the DA1 in both dynamic range and total harmonic distortion, so we're told.

McIntosh C2700 Pre-Amp

The DAC section features seven digital inputs including two coaxial, two optical, 1 USB (up to DSD512) and 1 MCT. The coax and optical ports can decode digital music up to 24-bit/192kHz for playback of high-resolution audio.

TV and Home Theatre

You also get an audio-only HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) connection - a godsend should you want to hook your telly up to the McIntosh pre-amp. Furthermore, it will cleverly convert popular multi-channel audio formats from Dolby and DTS to 2-channel audio for proper playback.

McIntosh C2700 Pre-Amp

Home Theater Pass Through allows the C2700 to be integrated seamlessly into a home cinema system. Power Control ports turn other connected McIntosh components on and off, while the Data Ports can send remote control commands to connected source components.

Analogue Love

Naturally, the C2700 loves analogue and hands you nine inputs. The selection features a trio of balanced connections, four unbalanced connections, as well as Moving Coil and Moving Magnet phono inputs - why not hook up a pair of decks, in that case?

McIntosh C2700 Pre-Amp

With a grand total of 16 inputs, the C2700 has you covered for most hi-fi eventualities. However, the C2700's dual chassis design keeps the analogue and digital sections separate to prevent signal corruption.

Going out, you get three variable balanced and three variable unbalanced outputs as well as a fixed unbalanced connection.

Bass and treble tone controls allow you to adjust the balance in 2dB increments.

Of course, the McIntosh C2700 is equipped with the brand's High Drive Headphone Amplifier connecting via a ¼-inch jack.

McIntosh C2700 Pre-Amp

In the looks department its the sextuplet of vacuum tubes that will be the centre-piece of many a conversation. That said, the C2700 is wrapped in the unmistakably McIntosh LED-lit black glass and stainless steel chassis with aluminium end caps and dancing blue meters.

Pricing and Availability

Orders for the C2700 can now be placed with authorised McIntosh dealers with shipping expected to begin to the United States in August and landing in the UK in September 2019.

The suggested UK retail price is £10,495.


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