MBL Products Coming to UK Soon

Posted on 29th September, 2020

MBL Products Coming to UK Soon

MBL's distinctive high-end loudspeakers and hi-fi separates are coming to the UK.

MBL, the high-end German hi-fi brand is busy establishing a select network of specialist UK dealers to bring its innovative products to discerning audiophiles across the country. Furthermore, we have been tipped off that this will start in the south-west of England.

MBL hi-fi UK

If anything is 'typically' MBL, it is the extraordinary 'Radialstrahler' omnidirectional loudspeaker (above). Originally conceived and created by the company's founders, Meletzky, Bieneke and Lehnart (hence 'MBL') in 1979, the Radialstrahler design has subsequently been honed, perfected and advanced by current chief engineer Juergen Reis.

MBL hi-fi UK

Its 360° pulsating sound wave design is now offered as a collection of six models, from the 126 bookshelf speaker to the radical one-tonne, four-tower flagship named 101 X-treme.

MBL hi-fi UK

MBL, of course, now offers amplifiers, DACs and CD players that straddle three series: the top-of-range Reference Line, the Noble Line and the compact Corona Line (the latter is being renamed Cadenza, for particularly 2020 reasons).

MBL hi-fi UK

An MBL system not only promises top-level engineering but it's also 100% hand-crafted in the company's own production facilities near Berlin.

MBL hi-fi UK

The company states that MBL not only sounds great in the sweet spot, “it's majestically and generously room-filling and beyond”.

If you are interested in finding out more about MBL and hearing the products in the UK, stay tuned as we should have some firm details for you later this autumn.

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