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Martin Logan has announced UK availability of seven next generation Motion Series loudspeakers for music and home cinema.

The Motion Series has won fans worldwide thanks to its performance and value. The latest generation is updated with a stylish new design but still promises the same level of performance as its predecessor. Naturally, at the heart of the Motion Series is the DNA of Martin Logan's legendary electrostatic loudspeakers and features their Folded Motion tweeters.

Martin Logan Motion Series 2019

Martin Logan Drivers

The Folded Motion tweeter offers the accuracy and delicacy of an electrostatic panel from a compact driver. Whereas, aluminium cone drive units generate a broad, realistic midrange, with dynamics that smoothly blended with deep, musical bass, thanks to the exacting tolerances of the custom, hand-built crossovers.

The Motion series bookshelf speakers are two-way designs, and the three floorstanding models and both centre channel speakers are three-way designs.

Folded Motion Tweeter

Martin Logan Motion Series 2019

Martin Logan's Folded Motion tweeters utilise a lightweight, thin-film transducer design, which is crimped into an accordion-like structure to increase the surface area. That practice hands the Folded Motion tweeters 8–10 times more surface area than typical tweeters. The upshot of the combination of light and large produces higher levels of accuracy, more extended bandwidth, and higher output capability.

Aluminium Cones

Martin Logan Motion Series 2019

The custom-built aluminium cone mid-frequency and bass drivers are stiff and lightweight with high-power magnet structures. Delivering massive excursion and sound output and maximising power handling capability, they also can reproduce minute details, without a hint of colouration. A new concave dust cap design reinforces the strength and rigidity of the cone while reducing break up modes.

Voktkotm Crossover

Martin Logan Motion Series 2019

Linking the elements of the speaker together are the proprietary Vojtkotm crossover networks, named after Martin Logan's chief audio technologist. Straightforward topologies, using high-quality polypropylene and low-DF electrolytic capacitors and custom-wound inductors, coupled with pragmatic, real-world voicing to deliver a reliable, realistic performance in any listening space.

The slimline cabinets are finished in Matte White, Red Walnut or Gloss Black. The cabinets boast reinforced baffles, virtually eliminating cabinet resonances.

Introducing the new Motion Series, Ian Sutton, divisional director for PMC Distribution UK, told StereoNET:

Martin Logan has come up with a stunning range of speakers, that brings the incredible performance benefits of its world-renowned electrostatic speakers to the wider consumer market. Replacing the original Motion Series was never going to be an easy task, but I am delighted to report that these new models take that tried and tested performance and elevate it to a new level. We look forward to sharing them with the UK's audiophile and movie-loving consumers.

Price and availability

The Motion Series will be available from October 2019.

UK MSRP (inc. VAT):

  • Motion 15i  bookshelf: £795
  • Motion 35TXi bookshelf: £1195
  • Motion 30i  centre channel: £695
  • Motion 50TXi centre channel: £945
  • Motion 20i floorstanding: £1595
  • Motion 40i  floorstanding: £1995
  • Motion 60TXi floorstanding: £2995

For more information, go to Martin Logan.


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