ManorDrive Audio Group Joins The Clarity Alliance

Posted on 30th July, 2020

ManorDrive Audio Group Joins The Clarity Alliance

ManorDrive Audio Group has been welcomed as The Clarity Alliance's latest member.

ManorDrive Audio Group is the latest company to join the hi-fi industry trade association, The Clarity Alliance, strengthening the association's representation of a broad spectrum of the UK hi-fi sector.

ManorDrive Audio Group joins Clarity Alliance

Hull-based ManorDrive Audio is the parent company for three emerging brands, Halcyon Audio, Halcyon Acoustics and AcoustInert. Run by Managing Director Mike Harlington and Commercial Director Nicolas Will, together the pair represents over 60 years of combined experience in HiFi and professional audio.

ManorDrive Audio Group joins Clarity Alliance

ManorDrive Audio Group Managing Director, Mike Harlington

Halcyon Audio describes itself as a “vendor-neutral consulting service for audio systems and acoustics.” The company's focus is on creating bespoke systems from commercially available audio equipment, technology and software and integrating them to suit the user's exact requirements.

Halcyon Acoustics is the loudspeaker and audio isolation products manufacturing arm, whereas AcoustInert is an acoustics isolation technology. We are told that it is already widely used in the professional audio world and is now being transferred to home audio.

ManorDrive Audio Group joins Clarity Alliance

Nicolas Will (above), commercial director for ManorDrive Audio Group, Halcyon Audio, Halcyon Acoustics and AcoustInert, told StereoNET:

Being accepted as a member of Clarity Alliance at this early stage of our growth is proof of our credibility as newcomers on the consumer market and our willingness to be more than a common independent manufacturer or consulting practice. This is humbling and greatly motivating for us at the ManorDrive Audio Group and its brands.

Tom Barron, chairman of Clarity, adds:

During these challenging times, it is particularly encouraging to see new businesses opening up in our industry. Nicolas and Mike have put together a portfolio of brands that complement each other, presenting a holistic approach to the specifying and installing of domestic audio systems. We wish them well as they work to grow their businesses, bringing new approaches and thoughts to the sector and we also welcome their recognition of the importance of trade association membership and of working together as an industry.

We welcome ManorDrive Audio Group to the Clarity Alliance family and look forward to future announcements.


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