madVR Video Processor Envy of the Industry

Posted on 16th March, 2022

madVR Video Processor Envy of the Industry

madVR Lab's Envy video processors boast of being the most advanced for high-end home cinema and are available in the UK via Apex-Tech UK.

madVR Envy is touted as producing the highest quality of video processing to extract every bit of performance from the display. Thanks to madVR Envy's patent-pending algorithms, the high-end home cinema processors promise to deliver the ultimate in picture quality.

madVR Envy UK

madVR Envy is available in two models, the Pro and Extreme. Envy Pro creates stunning images whilst providing most of the functionality and enhancements needed in any performance cinema. Envy Extreme, however, offers a no-compromise upgrade for those videophiles wanting the absolute best in every category, states the brand.

We are told that madVR Envy creates the most dramatic yet highly accurate video through frame by frame HDR dynamic tone mapping, upscaling, fast subtitle and aspect ratio management at output resolutions up to 8K.

Furthermore, the processors offer debanding and compression artefact reduction, specialised sharpening and detail enhancement, 3D LUT calibration, Non-linear Stretch and much more.

madVR Envy UK

The madVR Envy is incredibly straightforward to set up and virtually plug and play. Through an elegant and intuitive on-screen menu, you can access all image adjustments, which can then be stored in user profiles as required.

Additionally, madVR Envy offers an interface for professional calibration to achieve the most accurate image, particularly handy for custom installations. Finally, firmware updates are easily performed alongside seamless integration with all major control systems.

madVR Envy UK

Apex-Tech UK Managing Director Neil Davidson told StereoNET:

The madVR Envy is a ground-breaking video processor that has been designed to provide a peerless visual experience in the very best cinemas and media rooms. We are extremely proud to be representing the brand in the UK and Ireland.

The madVR Envy range of video processors is exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Apex-Tech UK.

Visit madVR for more information


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