Luxman Launches 95th Anniversary L-595A SE Integrated Amplifier

Posted on 12th June, 2021

Luxman Launches 95th Anniversary L-595A SE Integrated Amplifier

Luxman has announced a special edition L-595A SE integrated amplifier to honour the venerable company's 95th birthday.

Luxman's L-595A SE is a pure Class A integrated amplifier that is limited to 300 units to celebrate the Japanese brand's 95th anniversary.

Luxman L-595A Special Edition

Based on Luxman's popular L-570, which was launched in 1989, the new Luxman L-595A SE features a two-tone black Alumite/ hairline-brushed finish front panel echoing the L-570 series' aesthetics while applying up-to-date metal processing technology.

Luxman L-595A Special Edition

Additionally, the Luxman L-595A SE borrows the square brushed aluminium input selector buttons from its much-revered sibling. Meanwhile, the “precision volume knob” features an illuminated volume level thanks to an LED installed in the deep-seated dial surround. Volume selection comes by way of a LECUA 1000 (Luxman Electronically Controlled Ultimate Attenuator) 88-step electronically controlled attenuator.

As attractive as it is purposeful, the 6mm thick top plate also has a brushed finish to match the front panel. The revised design promises improved ventilation and heat dissipation.

Luxman L-595A Special Edition

We are informed that the new amplifier sports Luxmans's ODNF-u (Only Distortion Negative Feedback-ultimate) tech in its three-stage Darlington triple-parallel push-pull configuration that dishes out 30 watts-per-channel (8Ω) of Class A output. Also of note is that Luxman states that this boasts an improved signal-to-noise ratio (LINE: 105dB or more, 20Hz~100kHz (+0 -3.0dB)), as well as enhanced high-frequency distortion characteristics.

The joint input/output circuit board eschews green resistant film coating, which Luxman tells us can cause high-frequency noise. The non-angular trace patterns on the custom-made, gold plated peel-coated board are said to allow for smooth current transmission.

Luxman L-595A Special Edition

The pre-amp section's output stage runs with a discrete buffer circuit that apparently improves the driving force to the power amplifier block. You get four RCA line inputs made from a copper alloy promoted as delivering the conductivity of copper and the hardness of brass. Additionally, there is a switchable phono stage input, along with two sets of balanced XLR inputs.

The built-in MM/MC phono amplifier circuit (MM: 2.5mV/47kΩ and MC: 0.3mV/100Ω) enables you to plug in a turntable without needing a dedicated pre-amplifier. According to Luxman, the volume-linked loudness function matches human hearing characteristics. If you already own a suitable phono pre-amp, the L-595A SE will accommodate that too or, alternatively, this option can be used to connect the amplifier to an AV system.

Luxman L-595A Special Edition

The Luxman L-595A SE boasts a high damping factor of 370, which we're told, is achieved by lowering the impedance of the large speaker relay and speaker terminals. Furthermore, it features a 'Beeline' construction that directs audio input signals via the shortest optimum route to the speaker output. Also, there are two sets of speaker cable binding posts that can be run simultaneously.

The power supply section of the L-595A SE has a large, highly regulated power transformer and independent left and right 80,000 ㎌ filter capacitors that are designed to supply hugely stable and instantaneous power.

Luxman L-595A Special Edition

Finally, the independent, loopless chassis construction promises to block any rise in ground impedance, while the shielding plate mounting is made from copper-plated steel to block external noise. The 29kg unit sits on “density gradient” feet to further resist unwanted vibrations.

The Luxman L-595A SE comes bundled with an RA-17A aluminium remote control and is available now, limited to 300 numbered units, at a UK RRP of £11,000.

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