Linn Reveals New Majik DSM

Posted on 6th August, 2020

Linn Reveals New Majik DSM

Linn Majik DSM gets an extensive overhaul and promises improved performance as well as ease of use.

Linn's Majik DSM (£2,950) is the Glasgow-based company's best-selling streaming product, so there's no room for second-guessing when revamping the networked music streamer for 2020, more than a decade after the original Majik DSM landed on shelves.

Linn Majik DSM 2020 uk hifi news

Beyond the modern exterior which shares the same DNA as its DSM stablemate, the Selekt DSM it's what's under the hood that is promised to make the most significant impact on Linn's just-add-speakers streamer.

New Majik DSM

Linn Majik DSM 2020 uk hifi news

Linn's Managing Director, Gilad Tiefenbrun boldly claims that the new Majik DSM will “outperform the competition and offer the ideal first step into authentic hi-fi”. Hearing that the 24-bit/192 kHz DAC architecture of the new Majik DSM is based on the development of Linn's Katalyst technology and is “as near as we can get to Katalyst while meeting a price point” is undoubtedly an excellent place to start.

Linn Majik DSM 2020 uk hifi news

Here we are told that improved upsampling, as well as a lower noise reference voltage, and ultra-low jitter clock, are importantly addressed features. Linn also says that its bespoke Class D amplifiers are now more efficient and musical, too. The new Majik DSM delivers 100 watts per channel into 4 ohms, or 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms that's all controlled via a redesigned digital volume control that removes a lossy component from the signal path for lower noise and less distortion.

Heart of Your System

Linn Majik DSM 2020 uk hifi news

The quartet of 4K-compatible HDMI 2.0 sockets, one supporting HDMI ARC, hints at how Linn also wants you to make the new Majik DSM the centre of your entertainment system. The connections enable you to hook up TVs, Blu-ray players and games consoles to the streaming nucleus. Handily, the analogue input can be configured to accommodate moving magnet phono cartridges. This is driven by a phono stage that uses hybrid architecture derived from the company's reference Urika II phono stage.

Linn Majik DSM 2020 uk hifi news

New for Majik DSM is the USB Type-B input for attaching a PC or laptop. This joins wireless and wired Ethernet connections for networked streaming from your NAS, as well as music streaming services, not to mention it being Roon-friendly. All the streaming mullarkey can all be controlled using the Linn App (Android) and Kazoo (iOS). You also get Bluetooth 4.2 onboard for whenever that's needed.

Feed Your Head

For late-night listening, the new Majik DSM sports a 6.3mm headphone jack up front dishing out 61 mW per channel for “audiophile-grade headphones”. Also on the fascia are six customisable smart buttons handing you swift access to pinned content with a single press. The buttons can be programmed with audio from any source, be it a favourite playlist on TIDAL, a music source such as an Internet radio station, a shortcut to Qobuz, or even engaging an LP12 turntable.

Linn Majik DSM 2020 uk hifi news

The new Linn Majik DSM is available to order now, priced £2,950 with the previous iteration discontinued. If you fancy getting a full Linn Majik system including a matching Majik LP12 turntable and Majik 109 speakers, these can be bundled with the Majik DSM for a total price of £7,650.

Linn Majik DSM price list

  •   Majik DSM - £2950
  •   Majik LP12 featuring new Karousel bearing - £2930
  •   Majik 109 speakers - £990
  •   Majik 140 speakers - £1800
  •   Special finish for LP12 plinth - £330
  •   Special finish for Majik 109 speakers - £450
  •   Special finish for Majik 140 speakers - £600

Find more information over at Linn.


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