Lenbrook x HDtracks Powered by MQA

Posted on 18th June, 2024

Lenbrook x HDtracks Powered by MQA

Lenbrook collaborates with HDtracks to launch a new service built around MQA's Airia tech.

Lenbrook seems to have the likes of TIDAL and Qobuz in its sights as it plans to use its recently acquired MQA codec, which now forms part of the Canadian firm's newly created MQA Labs suite featuring Airia, Foqus and Qrono initiatives alongside a partnership with HDtracks.

HDtracks x MQA

Lenbrook's MQA Labs includes wireless streaming protocols designed to “bring audio processing enhancements across the music supply chain”. We knew some of these had been tested by third-party streaming services, and we can now report that the protocols have already found a new home.

Lenbrook Media Group has unveiled its partnership with HDtracks, an established streaming platform that delivers high-res audio to “discerning music fans.” The partnership includes plans for a new service aimed at the audiophile end of the market.

This will be the first service to employ Lenbrook's new “Airia” tech, a transmission codec which aims to provide the best resolution possible regardless of bandwidth availability. Designed for low-latency wireless communications, Lenbrooks states that Airia “brings the benefits of a format-agnostic, scalable codec with an unmatched combination of audio quality, reliability, and data efficiency”.

HDtracks x MQA

The service will allow users to choose between listening to their music in PCM/FLAC or MQA formats, with Airia offering the delivery mechanism for transferring the files from the servers to the listener's app or device.

The new service will be available on mobile devices, and Lenbrook plans to incorporate it into “many of the world's leading high-end audio ecosystems, apps, and brands.” We await to hear what those will be.

David Chesky, HDtracks co-founder, told StereoNET:

We have wanted to launch an HDtracks streaming service for some time. In Lenbrook we have a partner with global reach to help us launch a service ensuring quality and consumer choice. Fans will get to choose their format – either PCM/FLAC or MQA - in a service that will ensure high-resolution audio streaming whether you are in your home or on the go.

Meanwhile, TIDAL has announced that it will drop MQA and 360 Reality streams in July.

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