Lateral Audio Stands Announces LAS-CC and DCP Supports

Posted on 22nd June, 2020

Lateral Audio Stands Announces LAS-CC and DCP Supports

Lateral Audio Stands has announced its new Controlled Contact (LAS-CC) feet and Direct Contact Platforms (DCP).

Lateral Audio Stands, as the company name suggests, is in the business of designing stands and isolation products for your audio kit. The British company today furthers its range of high-performance products with the LAS-CC (shown above) and DCP for the brand's LAS-4 series.

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LAS-CC Controlled Contact

The LAS-CC Controlled Contact (£450 for a set of 3) is a UK-designed high-performance contact foot that uses multi-axis vibration and motion reducing principles, we are told. The LAS-CC stand 32mm high and has a base diameter of 38mm. The supports were developed alongside premier UK audio dealers to achieve a balance of audio specifics and details. More critically, however, the goal was to ensure a more musical sound.

Placed directly to the underside of the player, two at the front and one at the rear, the LAS-CC promises to release a performance previously unheard from your audio player.

DCP Direct Contact Platforms

Lateral Audio DCP and LAS-CC Launced

DCP Direct Contact Platforms (£275 per shelf) join the product portfolio enabling further performance for owners of LAS-4 Integral and LAS-4 Concert (shown) audio stands.

While the LAS-4 Concert is already equipped with a DCP Concert Platform, the announcement of the DCP Integral platform will bring the benefits to DACs, Pre-amps, and streamers sitting on the lower tiers of the stand. The DCP only stands 32mm tall and presents a stable platform for heavier amplification.

Connecting directly into the fast transient structures of the stands on each level, additional DCP Integral platforms will unleash the performance of your other components.

The DCP is available in natural low satin, or black satin finishes for £275 inc VAT per shelf. The LAS-CC can support up to 60 Kg as a set of three at £450 inc VAT, or four can support up to 80 Kg and costs £600 inc VAT.

For more information, visit Lateral Audio Stands.


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