Kog Audio Becomes SoulNote UK Distributor

Posted on 13th September, 2022

Kog Audio Becomes SoulNote UK Distributor

SoulNote's high-end hi-fi components are now offered through Kog Audio's retail network.

Hailing from Japan, SoulNote has a range of electronics covering multiple price points that employ innovative technology and several distinctive methodologies. In fact, the Sagamihara city-based company boasts a unique method of designing products which they say is purely based on the sense of hearing. For instance, the tops of SoulNote electronics aren't bolted down but spring isolated; apparently, SoulNote feels that metal cases can “squash” the sound.

The result of this novel approach has, so we're told, totally eliminated any prejudice of past conventional wisdom regarding audio and brings out the soul of the source alongside a very sophisticated, pure and unfettered sound.

SoulNote was established in 2004 by former Marantz Japan director Norinaga Nakazawa. Chief Designer Kato has some very interesting things to say about how simply aiming for good measurements when designing hi-fi components cannot guarantee good sound. In one example, he likens the pursuit of impressive static measurements to a dragster - faster than an F1 car in a straight line but unable to match it on a circuit. In Cheif Designer Kato's words:

The performance required to listen to music is similar to the performance required to drive a car fast on a circuit. In other words, the performance to trace (reproduce) various circuits (sound sources) faithfully - dynamic characteristics are important. On the other hand, a straight line is a sine wave in audio. Therefore, the performance that can be measured is exactly the static characteristic. An audio product that places too much emphasis on static characteristics, like a drag car, cannot reproduce music properly.

You can read more here, but SoulNote paired with Fink Team at this year's High End Show in Munich to stunning effect.

Needless to say, build quality, the materials and components used in manufacturing and the resulting audio quality promise to be exemplary from this high-end brand.

SoulNote currently offers three ranges, with UK prices yet to be confirmed.

We look forward to hearing more from the brand once the UK HiFi Show Live is rescheduled.

Visit SoulNote for more information


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