Klipsch Brings In Dirac For Latest Headphones

Posted on 30th June, 2020

Klipsch Brings In Dirac For Latest Headphones

Dirac and Klipsch collaborate to pioneer the next generation of headphone audio performance.

Dirac today announced a corporate collaboration with Klipsch to enhance upcoming Klipsch earphones with Dirac's latest digital audio solutions.

Klipsch Dirac headphones uk hi-fi news

This sounds similar to the plans RHA shared with us back in September. We are told that the integration of Dirac's software with Klipsch's premium speaker hardware promises new performance standards across Klipsch earphones. Also, this should demonstrate the ability to level-up any listening experience “through the use of pioneering digital audio solutions”.

According to the companies, the first result of this collaboration will make its debut by Autumn this year.

The Swedish audio pioneer's sound optimisation solution corrects the impulse and frequency response of any set of headphones and so upgrades musical staging, clarity, voice intelligibility, and bass fidelity, according to Dirac.

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Lars Isaksson, Business Director at Dirac (pictured above), told StereoNET:

Dirac has long been a pioneer in the home theatre, automotive, and mobile market, working with the industries' most well-respected brands. Collaboration with Klipsch – a legendary acoustics pioneer – further establishes our position as an innovator in the headphone market and reasserts our commitment to working closely with premium brands to leverage the latest in digital audio to elevate hardware performance to new levels.

The Dirac and Klipsch engineering teams apparently have worked closely together to tailor and customise Dirac's sound optimisation solutions specifically to Klipsch earphone hardware to ensure “peak performance and the maximum audio upgrade”.

Klipsch Dirac Headphones uk hi-fi news

Vlad Grodzinskiy, Senior Product Manager at Klipsch, added:

Klipsch is the preferred choice of audiophiles and aficionados around the world, thanks in large part to our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence and innovation. By working with Dirac, we combine our decades of headphone expertise with their digital audio expertise to introduce to our customers a new level of listening experience across Klipsch headphones. Dirac shares our commitment to excellence and innovation, and we look forward to continued collaboration.

The upcoming Klipsch earphones are designed for True Comfort, True Performance, and True Wireless. They promise to deliver “audiophile-grade sound”, as well as seamless connectivity and advanced functionality for people on the go.

For more information, check out Klipsch and Dirac.


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