Posted on 7th August, 2019


The Kimber Kable Carbon interconnect has been announced by Russ Andrews to coincide with Kimber Kable's 40th anniversary.

The Kimber Kable Carbon interconnect promises to be the first of several Carbon Series products.

Kimber Kable Carbon Interconnect

The Carbon in question here is the electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer used between the Teflon dielectric and VariStrand 19.5 AWG conductors. The result is reduced mechanically induced electrical noise in the cable. Furthermore, we're told it also improves the uniformity of the voltage gradient within the insulating dielectric.

Naturally, the classic Kimber Kable braiding is all present and correct. Furthermore, as used in the brand's Axios range, the use of a seamless braid transition to the left and right channel connectors eliminates the need for any soldered joints and so aiding signal transmission.

Kimber Kable Carbon Interconnect

Russ Andrews tells us that we can expect The Carbon Interconnect to provide a very natural sound that is neither excessively bright nor overly dark. Basically, you get a continuation of the very neutral performance characteristics for which Kimber is renowned.

Ray Kimber, founder and owner of Kimber Kable, told StereoNET:

It isn't an inexpensive cable, but it absolutely outperforms the current products in the line that are at the same price. We've improved the quality of the strands, and we are pressuring a conductive polymer over the top of them before we insulate. This means the cable is quieter and the handling noise goes down. It's a big jump for us.

Kimber Kabel Carbon Interconnect

Carbon sports the WBT 0114 CU RCA plugs, and so has the nifty clamping mechanism that works just like a drill chuck, firmly clamping the outer contact against the RCA socket. The upshot here is that you not only get a secure connection but also transition resistance is minimised. Additionally, any size variation in the outer contact of a socket is compensated for, thereby ensuring a perfect fit.

ou can also opt for XLR connectors or upgrade to WBT 0114 Ag silver-plated RCA plugs.

Price and availability

Carbon is hand-built to order and available now direct from Russ Andrews.

Kimber Carbon Interconnect prices

  • 0.5m pair £525
  • 0.75m pair £580
  • 1m pair  £635

XLR is available at no extra cost whereas the WBT 0114 Ag upgrade costs an additional £110.


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