Jadis JS1 MkV and JS2 MkIV DACs Launched

Posted on 27th May, 2020

Jadis JS1 MkV and JS2 MkIV DACs Launched

Jadis has announced the availability of its JS1 MkV and JS2 MkIV tube DACS.

In what should have been a High End Munich 2020 reveal, the French high-end tube maestros, Jadis, has announced the arrival of both its JS1 MkV and JS2 MkIV reference tube digital to analogue converters.


The Jadis JS2 MkIV (£7,998) sports new digital circuitry alongside advanced digital power management, says Jadis. Additionally, the JS2 MkIV is equipped with dual AKM 4197 chips, one per channel, that enables the USB Type-B input to cope with 24 bit/ 384kHz. The remaining digital inputs include SPDIF, AES/EBU XLR and TOSLINK, all of which play nice with 24 bit/ 192 kHz.

The music then passes through a quartet of ECC82 tubes for that promised analogue warmth out via a pair of RCA or balanced XLR outputs.


Jadis JS1 MkV DAC

Raising the bar even further is the Jadis JS1 MkV (£16,998) which not only sports a pair of AKM 4497 DAC chips in dual mono configuration but also comes equipped with its own separate power supply.

The JS1 MkV boasts a new digital board, enabling it to accept higher resolution formats and is therefore ready for future developments in audio resolution. Also, it has three 24 bit/192 kHz digital inputs: SPDIF (RCA & Toslink), AES/EBU, Optical ST and one 24/384 kHz USB DSD compatible input. There are also balanced and unbalanced outputs which, thanks to a tube complement of 2 x 6922, 2 x 12AU7, 1 x EF86 and 1 x EL86, should have that analogue sound you are looking for.

The Jadis JS1 MkV also features a tube regulated high-voltage outboard power supply, non-magnetic stainless-steel chassis, as well as carefully selected premium wire and unique capacitors for optimal fidelity, according to the manufacturer. Naturally, the JS1 MkV is built by hand at the Jadis factory in Villedubert, France.


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