In-akustik Cable Range Now Available in UK

Posted on 22nd September, 2020

In-akustik Cable Range Now Available in UK

Audiophiles can now get connected with Germany's in-akustik cables through Karma-AV.

in-akustik states that it's guided by a belief that only “physics not voodoo” can minimise signal loss within the cable. From today, UK hi-fi fans will be able to test that out for themselves much easier than ever before thanks to Karma-AV stocking the full range.

in-akustik's high-performance product range has been designed and hand-built in Germany since 1977. By optimising proven electromagnetic relationships with the best materials and meticulous engineering, the company's line-up has evolved across four quality levels, from 'Star' through 'Premium' and 'Excellence' to its flagship 'Reference' class cables.

The proposition for system builders is simply that while all cables will connect A to B, their susceptibility to interference, inadequate material properties and small cross-sections mean that signals will suffer losses during transmission. The brand states that “a Ferrari will get you from A to B, even with bad tyres, but you won't be getting the performance you're paying for”.

The German cable cobbler focuses on minimising signal loss by utilising pure silver (in the flagship Reference Air Series) and the purest OFC for highest conductivity. Additionally, you will find multi-layer shielding to counteract electromagnetic interference, and the adoption of high-quality polyethelene (PE) insulation preventing corrosion and damage while reducing energy storage (capacitance) by a factor of two over PVC.

Finally, in-akustik's design's implement larger cross-sections not only reduces conductor resistance across the range; it also accommodates the brand's innovative and flexible 'air-helix' structure. This design is available on its 'Reference' cables and separates the conductors in air within the cable for the lowest dielectric losses.
Typical UK pricing ranges from £40 to £27,000.

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