iFi ZEN Can 3 Packs Next-Gen Tech

Posted on 27th June, 2024

iFi ZEN Can 3 Packs Next-Gen Tech

The analogue-only iFi ZEN Can 3 headphone amp features xMEMS driver tech.

Joining the freshly announced ZEN Blue 3 wireless DAC, the new Zen Can 3 headphone amplifier sports 6.35mm and balanced 4.4mm headphone jacks on the front panel, alongside stereo RCA, 3.5mm and 4.4mm inputs at the back.

The ZEN Can 3 gets a nudge in power, with iFi claiming up to 2000mW of continuous power (at 64 ohms balanced output). Therefore, it should have enough grunt to work even the most difficult-to-drive headphones.

iFi has also added two new EQ modes alongside the now-expected XBass+ and XSpace filters – Movie and Gaming. These are said to bring clearer dialogue and low-level/background sound effects, respectively. Which is nice.

However, iFi Audio is most excited about the ZEN Can 3's support for in-ear headphones that use the next-gen xMEMS driver technology. This natty speaker technology eschews the trad magnet and voice coil design in favour of solid-state drivers.

The new tech is claimed to be 150 times quicker to respond than mechanical drivers. So, if your IEMs are packing xMEMS, the Zen CAN 3 will get the most out of them thanks to a special setting.

The iFi ZEN CAN 3 headphone amp is available now for £229.

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