Huawei Sound Speaker in Collaboration with Devialet

Posted on 26th October, 2020

Huawei Sound Speaker in Collaboration with Devialet

As well as the advanced FreeBuds Pro earphones and Freebuds Studio headphones, the Chinese tech giant also announced its latest collaboration with French hi-fi maestros, Devialet.

Devialet and Huawei first joined forces last year on the Huawei Sound X, for 2020 the next-gen Huawei Sound is said to further utilise Devialet-patented acoustic designs for even greater immersion.

Huawei Sound 2020 Devialet

Firstly, the Huawei Sound is markedly smaller than the Sound X; however, the company says that it delivers “enhanced full-bodied audio immersion” thanks to an inventive four-speaker acoustic design. The result of Devialet's know-how sees the 4-inch 40W woofer and three full-range 5W loudspeakers working in concert. Thanks to Devialet's Push-Push configuration, two passive radiators reinforce each other to counteract backwave vibrations. This should substantially reduce the presence of distortion, and ensure stability under high volume settings at up to 90 dB - the upshot being distortion-free audio and a 55 Hz-40 kHz frequency response.

Huawei Sound 2020 Devialet

The Huawei Sound packs three evenly-spaced full-range tweeters at 120° angles, complemented by Devialet SPACE Technology. The manufacturer says that this is capable of filling a room with “lyrical, 360° surround sound”.

Huawei says that SPACE separates the input signal into direct sound, reflected sound and ambient noise, via a dedicated algorithm. The three different directionally-oriented speakers then receive a signal based on the location of the listener to create surround sound effects from a single device. On top of that, Huawei Sound offers four enriching sound effects: Devialet SPACE Soundstage, Vocals, Hi-Fi, and Bass.

Huawei Sound 2020 Devialet

As well as the expected Bluetooth (LDAC), connectivity options include UPnP, and 3.5 mm AUX-in connections. The neat tap-to-transfer feature enables you to direct phone audio playback to the speaker by merely tapping the phone against the speaker body. LDAC allows for high-definition Bluetooth transmission at up to 990 kbps (theoretical value), triple that of standard Bluetooth.

Huawei Sound 2020 Devialet

Additionally, the Huawei Sound also has premium looks starting with its almost piano gloss finish. The lower portion of the body is coated with a glossy fibre grid cloth, for free and easy sound transmission, as well as protection against dust infiltration and splashes.

The Huawei Sound is available now for £299.


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