High End Munich 2022 Preview

Posted on 17th May, 2022

High End Munich 2022 Preview

High End Munich 2022 is almost here, and we are more than ready! Here's a taste of what to expect.

High End Munich 2022. Let's just let that hang there for a moment, for it is a beautiful sound, no matter if spoken aloud or merely using your inner voice. It is made all the more sweeter considering we have been cheated out of High End Munich 2020 and 2021 - but we're not going to dwell on that, are we?

Anyone who thought that Munich's High End hi-fi show's return would be diminished has not considered just how serious the industry is about meeting its people. This year's show marks the first major European hi-fi exhibition to be held in a very long time. And, judging by the news and abundant teasers regarding new product announcements, we cannot wait!

MOC München will be taken over by music lovers, hi-fi fans and audiophiles between Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd of May, with the first two days reserved for trade visitors and the weekend handed over to the general public.

Over 500 companies from around 40 countries will demonstrate 1,500-or-so brands at the last count. From a stands point of view, at least, this means that High End Munich 2022 should match 2019. The complete list and location of High End 2022 exhibitors can be found here, alongside ticket and safety information.

We've put together a sample of what to expect from the High End Show in Munich this week.


Atrium 4.2 - Room F225/F231e

The Antipodes Oladra streaming server and reclocker will debut at the show sporting the brand's new high-power V7H computing engine and SSD-expandable storage bays. In addition, the Oladra features an FPGA managed, oven-controlled high-end clock, fed by a high-quality power supply using Graphene super-capacitor smoothing and discrete line drivers for S/PDIF (RCA and BNC), I2S (RJ45 and HDMI), AES3 (3-pin XLR) outputs.


Various Rooms

These dedicated audio equipment supports are meticulously engineered to unlock maximum performance from the components placed on its shelves. Artesania will be present in various rooms as turntable, and audio electronics manufacturers will use its supports to demonstrate their latest creations. Artesania also has a room at the 'hifideluxe' show, which runs concurrently with HIGH END 2022 at the Marriott Hotel Munich.


Hall 1 - Stand D02/E03a

A threesome of freshly announced ear pleasers and some current favourites is in store for visitors to the portable audio maestro's area. First, we'll be making a beeline for the KANN MAX and its four DACs and whopping 15V RMS of power. Also, the result of the company's Campfire collaboration - Pathfinder, a pair of in-ear monitors with Dual-Chamber Balanced Armature Driver technology. Meanwhile, the mobile sound-improving AK HC2 Dual DAC Cable could prove popular among those now hybrid working from laptops - it's also supposed to work wonders on audio output from Apple and Android devices.


Hall 4 – Stand U15/W07

The American gods of valve-based audio show off their glorious new I/50 integrated amp in all its colour options, as well as a prototype of the forthcoming Reference 320M mono power amp. In addition, demos of the Reference 6SE preamp and four Reference 160M mono power amps can be found in Atrium 4.2, Room E207, in combination with a Wadax digital source, Wilson Benesch speakers and Transparent cables.


Atrium 4.2, room F203

Audiovector is using this opportunity to launch a new floorstander and they appear very excited about it, which makes us very excited about it!


Hall 1 - Stand E07

Auris will be showing its all-new Bayadare 3 turntable, and W9 tonearm as the Serbian-based company continues its expansion into analogue playback alongside its much-respected valve amplification. Also, expect offerings from its portable audio arm, Earmen.


Atrium 4.1 - Room F114

Cambridge Audio will be keen to show its recently-announced Alva decks - the Alva TT V2 Bluetooth aptX HD direct-drive and the more affordable aptX-HD-loaded Alva ST belt-drive model. This will be the first chance anyone in Europe will have to get their hands and ears on them.


Atrium 3.1 - Room C122

Chord Electronics will be exhibiting a wide range of British-made products across three sites. However, centre-stage will undoubtedly be the newly announced Ultima Pre 3 preamp that we've already spent time with. The main demo system comprises the new Ultima 3 preamp with the matching Ultima 5 stereo power amp, plus the DAVE DAC and Hugo M Scaler standalone upscaler. Further demonstration systems will include a Qutest DAC-based set-up (with headphones), plus the recently announced Mojo 2 DAC/headphone amplifier.


Atrium 4 - Room F224

The new CG1.1 Ground Control will be officially launched at the show, along with an exciting collection of exclusive new product previews demonstrated by Scott Berry and Isabel Whitley, including the CAD USB Filter. This inline filter simply plugs into your DAC and can be used with any USB cable.

Also, the CAD 2022 CAT - the company's fully redesigned Computer Audio Transport that incorporates a brand new Scott Berry-designed external linear power supply.


Hall 3 – Booth M03/M03a & Atrium 4.1 – Room F128

Arguably Denmark's finest exponent of “affordable high-end” electronics will be showing its recently launched trio of solid-state and hybrid integrated amps and a prototype of the forthcoming CTA407 – a valve amp with advanced bias and tube protection.


Atrium 3.1 - Room C112 & D108

We're looking forward to the world premiere of the Danish brand's Kore flagship speaker, which will be unveiled to the press early on the first day of the show. Naturally, DALI isn't giving anything away, but we're told to expect new technologies at play. There will also be examples of the brand's new BluOS-powered Equi active wireless surround system, announced late last year.


Atrium 3.1 – Room D111

High End 2018 saw Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems announce its flagship power amp: the Relentless Mono Amplifier. Four years on and Munich will witness the unveiling of an upgrade that is, literally, epic – two new Relentless amps will be revealed, the Relentless Epic Mono Amplifier and Relentless Epic 800 Mono Amplifier. The latter amp will be demonstrated with the Relentless Preamplifier.


Atrium 4.1 – Room F113

Made in Switzerland with the meticulous artistry of the finest timepieces, darTZeel audio electronics are a sight to behold. High End Munich 2022 will host the NHB-18NS preamplifier coupled with a pair of NHB-468 monoblocks, driving Stenheim Reference Ultime Two speakers.


Atrium 4.2 - Room F209 & Hall 1 - Room E06

Visitors to the High End show will literally experience the Apex of what dCS has to offer. The Cambridge-based firm is bringing its newly upgraded Apex editions of its Vivaldi DAC, Rossini DAC and Rossini Player alongside the just-announced limited edition Vivaldi One Apex single-chassis player.


Hall 3 – Stand N04/N05

Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC, DeVore Fidelity makes loudspeakers that exude creative individuality and infectious musicality. The O/96 and O/baby will be present at the show – key members of the Ten collection, personally curated by Absolute Sounds' founder Ricardo Franassovici.


Foyer 4 - Stand K3

To celebrate the show's return, Dynaudio will be rolling out the proverbial red carpet and present “a vast array of products – past and present” – as well as demoing something a little different in its dedicated demo area. Furthermore, petrolheads are promised something special on four wheels with the automotive exhibition between Foyers 2 and 3.


Hall 3 – Stand M02

Atrium 3.1 – Room D111

EAT's turntables and associated analogue products are designed and built by a specialist team in the factory owned by Pro-Ject. However, in terms of design, the distinction between EAT and Pro-Ject is “akin to that between Porsche and Volkswagen”. EAT's new C-Dur turntable will be unveiled at the show.


Hall 2 - Stand J10

Electrocompaniet has been busy at its Norwegian base and has a trio of new products to unveil at the High End Munich 2022 show - namely the AW 800 M power amplifier, Rena S2 streamer, and the Rena SA2 streaming amplifier. We're looking forward to hearing the AW 600 NEMO replacement as the AW 800M takes the throne as the company's most powerful monoblock power amplifier.


Hall 3 - Stand M06

The French firm is using High End Munich for the premiere of the 70s-tinged Elipson Heritage XLS 11 loudspeakers. In addition, more contemporary stylings will be available thanks to the revised Elipson W35+ speaker and the new Elipson Infinite IC 6&8 custom install speakers. Also being demonstrated are the Elipson P1 Preamplifier and A2700 power amp.


Atrium 4.1 - Room E121

The EPOS ES-14N, the first EPOS loudspeaker following Karl-Heinz Fink's purchase of the brand in 2020, will debut at Munich High End 2022.

The cabinet pretty much shares the same volume as the original Epos ES-14N; however, the front baffle is tilted to the back to time-align the woofer and the tweeter. The in-house designed woofer is a high-power 7-inch unit with an injection-moulded cone with variable thickness, Mica filling and a 35mm voice coil. This is matched with a 28mm tweeter, also designed in house, that eschews Ferrofluid and sports an Aluminium/Ceramic compound dome.


Hall 4 – Stand R10

The late, great Franco Serblin – founder of Sonus Faber – is a true legend of high-end loudspeaker design, and the company that bears his name continues his legacy. Models such as the Ktêma, Accordo and Lignea are as beautiful to the eye as they are to the ear and will delight visitors to High End 2022.


Atrium 4.1 - Room E116

Fyne Audio Vintage

Scotland's Fyne Audio will be showcasing several new products covering a range of budgets. The recent teaser image hints at something of a vintage nature. However, we hope that the new design remains loaded with the company's IsoFlare, FyneFlute and BassTrax tech.


Hall 4 - Stand W04

Another brand holding its cards close to its chest as to what its new product is - to be fair, we already know but have been sworn to secrecy - but are still looking forward to finding out more. The typically friendly bunch are looking forward to greeting customers old and new.


Hall 2 Stands H14/J07

We've been told that Goldmund will be introducing a new flagship speaker as well as an “entry-level speaker” at the show. Intrigued? You should be. We're certainly interested in finding out what the Swiss firm classes as entry-level.


Atrium 4.1 - Room F106/F120

A series of brands that generally impresses. However, this year the group's Mark Levinson brand turns 50, so we should be in for a treat thanks to the 50th anniversary ML-50 monoblocs, No. 526 preamp, No. 519 digital streaming audio player and No. 5105 turntable, all going out to JBL Everest DD67000 loudspeakers. At the other end of the scale, the wholly more portable Mark Levinson No. 5909 over-ears will be on show. In fact, we're travelling over with a pair!

Of course, you'll also be treated by more products from JBL and Arcam.


Atrium 4.1 - Room E109

iFi's popularity arc has been impressive, and for good reason. If you want to find out what all the fuss is about, then check out the Zen One Signature and Zen Air series alongside an as-yet-unannounced portable GO product.


Atrium 4.2 - Room F210

IsoAcoustics will demonstrate its GAIA-TITAN isolation products in an A/B demo using Focal Maestro Utopia speakers - one pair on the IsoAcoustics GAIA-Titan isolators while the other will be on the factory spikes. Hi-res audio will be streamed for the demonstration using Naim components. These demos usually result in jaw-dropping expressions - we can't wait!


Atrium 4.2 – Room E228

Amplifiers by French specialist Jadis are a glorious amalgam of chrome, polished brass and glowing glass valves. The JPS2 preamp and a pair of JA80 MkII mono power amps can be heard at High End 2022, driving Alsyvox full-range ribbon speakers. Jadis also has a room at the concurrent 'hifideluxe' show at the Marriott Hotel Munich, where visitors will find a prototype of the company's latest project – the I-300 integrated amp, featuring 300B valves.


Atrium 3.1 – Room D111

Legendary American high-end audio brand Krell – famed for its groundbreaking amps since the early 1980s – has developed a new and mighty power amplifier to mark its 40th anniversary. The KSA-i400 will be previewed at the show, alongside the new K-300p phono preamp, which begins shipping this month.


Atrium 4.2 - Room E220

Living Voice are renowned for its spectacular horn loudspeaker systems. You can expect the popular OBX and IBX loudspeakers to be driven by carefully chosen valve-based electronics and wonderfully engaging analogue sources from Grand Prix Audio and Kuzma.


Atrium 4.2 - Room E224

Lumin will be debuting its new U2 Mini streaming transport touted as your DAC's perfect partner and featuring the streaming specialist's all-new processing system mated with a new and faster processor that promises greater resampling flexibility as well as precision timing via a quad native clock system.


Atrium 4.1 – Room F115

This millennium, California's Magico has made quite the splash in the ultra-high-end speaker arena. The company is demonstrating its A5 floorstander – the top model in its “most affordable” range, the A-Series – as well as showing off its new Titan 15 subwoofer, complete with 6,500W of built-in amplification.


Atrium 4.2 - Room E224

IAG, the group home of Mission, Wharfedale, Leak and Castle, recently announced its 'Made in the UK' initiative, introducing a new 'heritage' series of specially selected products from its different brands. These are to be designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, following the company's recent expansion of its facilities in Huntingdon. The Mission 770 standmounts were the first, so they should be present, but we're hoping for something new from Castle too!


Atrium 4.1 - Room F131

Another half-century is being celebrated. Monitor Audio promises to unveil “a truly exceptional product concept” as part of its 50th-anniversary celebrations. If that doesn't pique your interest, then there is also the Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus turntable demo and the new Roksan Attessa entry-level hi-fi range making their first appearance.


Atrium 3.1 - Room C120

The Canadian brand has finally a Voice of its own, namely the Voice 22 loudspeakers, which have recently been announced. We imagine that there will be a suitably excellent system being demonstrated at the show, as MOON always seems to please.


Hall 4 - Booth T21

The Swedish brand has been wowing pundits and customers alike with its classy, good-looking and, more importantly, great sounding amplification. High End Munich will see the company unveil its new Moonriver 505 phono stage alongside new USB and SPDIF DACs.


Atrium 4.1 - Room F 130

We've been itching to see and hear Nagra's new Reference Anniversary Turntable and power supply. The Munich show sees it partnered with the equally-new Nagra HD PHONO stage, HD DAC-X, HD PREAMP and two sets of Nagra HD AMP's to power a pair of Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX loudspeakers.


Atrium 4.1 - Room F105

It's been ten years since Naim and Focal got together, so expect plenty of anniversary-style 'Focal Powered by Naim' demos suitable for a range of different budgets and room sizes. In addition, prepare for something making its debut at the show! Meanwhile, head-fi fans can check out the Applause Award-winning Uniti Atom Headphone Edition with a range of Focal headphones.


Atrium 4 - room E112

Attendees will be the first to see and hear several products released since 2019 but have yet to be introduced on a public, international platform. New Nordost releases include the Premium QSOURCE DC Cable, Valhalla 2 Ethernet Cable, Premium QKORE Wire, QRT Stand Mount, and QNET Network Switch. Demonstrations will primarily focus on the company's QNET Network Switch, showcased in a world-class system featuring Wilson Audio Sasha DAW loudspeakers, the Dan D'Agostino Progression line of products, and a VPI Avenger Direct turntable, wholly wired with Nordost's Reference-level Valhalla 2 cables.


Atrium 4 – Room E113

Peak Consult Denmark will be introducing the recently announced Sonora, Sinfonia and El Diablo loudspeaker models. The all-new El Diablo will be on demo with a setup of carefully chosen audio equipment and promises the “ultimate Peak experience”.


Atrium 3 - Room D107

The British brand will share a space with its German distributor AVM and demonstrate its flagship speakers, Fact Fenestria. The Fenestra is the fruit of PMC's goal to make the best passive loudspeaker it could, so it is really worth experiencing. Additionally, PMC will be showing its twenty5i and ci series models.


Atrium 3.1 - Room C121 with in-akustik

The A35.8 is Primare's most powerful and flexible multi-channel amplifier, designed to serve the needs of virtually any high-performance multi-channel system, says the brand. It's said offers 1500 watts of total output in a fully bridged bi-amped stereo configuration, so we're not arguing. In addition, RCA and XLR balanced input options are offered for each of the eight channels.


Hall 3 - Stand M02

Pro-Ject's £2,000 X8 could prove interesting for the vinylistas out there. This new deck sports balanced XLR connectivity and a moving coil cartridge that should make the balanced output worthwhile. Other goodies should include the company's new balanced Phono Box DS3 B and Phono Box S3 B MM/MC phono stages.


Atrium 4.2 – Room F228

Made in Switzerland to the most exacting standards, in partnership with US-based ReQuest, The Beast and The Raptor are uncompromising music servers with price tags to match. But, the solid-state storage and playback solutions always attract crowds.


Atrium 4.1 – Room E106

Robert Koda is a maker of extraordinary preamplifiers and power amplifiers, personally selected for the exclusive Ten collection by Absolute Sounds' founder, Ricardo Franassovici. Visitors to HIGH END 2022 can experience the remarkable Takumi K-160 mono power amps – said to be among the finest in the world.


Hall 3 - Stand K 12

Solidsteel has a larger exhibition space this year and will be showing a selection of the company's most popular lines alongside demonstrating products and innovations the company has introduced in the last two years. But, most importantly, the super-friendly family-run business is looking forward to meeting you. There's even an exclusive gift for those who drop by.


Atrium 4.1 – Rooms E110/F118

Exemplary Japanese engineering for vinyl addicts, incorporating air suspension, vacuum clamping and more. Room E110 in Atrium 4.1 features the Air Force One Premium turntable with an Elite Ti 10in tonearm – a Graham Phantom Elite upgraded with the TechDAS TDTW-01Ti titanium tonearm wand – and TechDAS TDC01 Ti cartridge. A second room, F118, showcases a new turntable variant – the Air Force III Premium S, building on the success of the Air Force III Premium with newly designed suspension feet.


Atrium 4.2 – Room E215

Trafomatic makes valve amplifiers that shake conventions and push the sonic envelope. The new Rhapsody integrated amp will be on demonstration at the show, together with the Lara preamp and Glenn mono power amps.


Various Rooms

US-based cable specialist Transparent will be present in various demonstration spaces at HIGH END 2022, as discerning manufacturers use its latest Generation 6 cables to ensure their audio creations perform at their best. The dCS room (Atrium 4.2 – F209) is one of several where these high-end cables will be employed.


Atrium 3.1 – Room D111

Find the ultra-high-end American loudspeakers housed with German distributor Audio Reference. Expect to see recent launches, including the Applause Award-winning SabrinaX compact floorstanders and Lōkē subwoofer. Meanwhile, speakers such as the Alexx V can be found paired with high-end electronics elsewhere in the show.


Atrium 3.1 - Room C114

Launched in February, Wilson Benesch's Omnium will enjoy its first outing. Sitting below the flagship Eminence but borrowing some features such as the ACT 3Zero Monocoque enclosure and the company's proprietary Tactic 3.0 drivers and Fibonacci tweeters, the South Yorkshire manufacturer is pitching the Omnium as the world's first 'green loudspeaker'. Those eco creds come by way of its next-gen materials and technologies (as opposed to oil-based non-recyclables) developed through a collaborative project that started in 2017.

It's looking to be quite the show from the images on social media of stands being built and components being placed. Please do say hi!

See you there, soon.


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