HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive Joins Popular Range of Streamers

Posted on 30th August, 2021

HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive Joins Popular Range of Streamers

HiFi Rose adds the RSA780 CD Drive to its growing range of popular digital audio products.

HiFi Rose's new RSA780 CD Drive has landed in the UK from the Korean tech-focused hi-fi firm. Boasting an isolated, low noise design and anti-vibration features, this unit could well be the perfect companion to any of the manufacturer's streaming music players. Moreso, if you intend to use the Rose OS CD ripping feature. Connected to the likes of the RS250, for instance, you can rip tracks from your CD collection and save them to integrated or attached storage. Of course, you can also just play your CDs on the RS780, too.

HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive

The RSA780 is said to feature high-performance insulators that minimise the noise and vibrations that occur when a CD is running. Furthermore, as well as sitting on a sizeable rubberised base, the 152 x 152 x 25 mm RSA780 tips the scales at 900g. Its sturdy construction promises more vibration reduction between the spinning disc and pick-up laser.

HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive

The side of the RSA780 features a flick-switch that toggles between 'Isolation Mode' (Read-Only) and 'Normal Mode' (Read/Write). Isolation Mode uses iCoupler digital isolation technology to minimise external noise, so you can enjoy high-quality music with minimal distraction through your HiFi Rose player. Additionally, Normal Mode can be used to read or write CDs when connected to a computer.

HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive

To keep the signal as clean as possible, the RSA780 also features a USB Type-B port for high-quality signal transfer and is supplied with the matching RSA705 7NOCC hi-fi grade USB cable.

The HiFi Rose RSA780 is available now in silver with an SRP of £349.

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