Hi-Res Frank Zappa Albums on Qobuz

Posted on 1st April, 2021

Hi-Res Frank Zappa Albums on Qobuz

Zoot Allures! Frank Zappa hi-res recordings put the 'Z' in Qobuz.

Zappa Records and Qobuz have exclusively partnered together to release several essential Frank Zappa albums in Hi-Res.

This alliance is the latest in a series of Hi-Res artist exclusives that Qobuz began rolling out this year.

Only to be found on Qobuz, Zappa Records is launching a Hi-Res re-issue campaign totalling 29 Frank Zappa albums spanning all phases of his career. These classic and influential albums will be released for download and streaming in 24-bit Hi-Res audio quality in a series of 'drops' between April 2nd and May 7th.

These Zappa albums will be available in native 24-bit Hi-Res FLAC format. Each will include an extensive PDF digital booklet, a feature only available on Qobuz's streaming apps.

The assortment includes the 2nd album from the original Mothers of InventionAbsolutely Free, first released in 1967, and Halloween 81, documenting Zappa's famed holiday residency at New York City's Palladium, in both complete box set and edited 'highlights' versions.

Representing Zappa Records, Ahmet Zappa told StereoNET:

I love me some Qobuz! As far as I'm concerned, the 'z' in Qobuz stands for Zappa. Qobuz's awesome combo platter of hi-res audio and the ability for fans to immerse themselves into the album art of their favourite musicians totally kicks ass. It's a perfect fit for Zappa Records, and we're proud to announce that Frank Zappa's music has a new hi-res home at Qobuz. We know fans of the 'World's Finest Optional Entertainment' are going to love the Zappa Qobuz experience.

On April 1st, Ahmet Zappa and Joe Travers, the Zappa “Vaultmeister”, will join Qobuz Chief Hi-Res Evangelist David Solomon and the Qobuz team for a livestream discussion.

This upcoming event is part of Qobuz's weekly Qobuz Live series that features hot topics (and possibly Hot Rats!), brands and personalities in the music-lover and audiophile worlds. The livestream will cover the story of Zappa Hi-Res archives, the importance of audio quality, and the upcoming Zappa Hi-Res catalogue release. Additionally, Joe Travers is curating an exclusive annotated Zappa playlist for Qobuz, which will be released later in April.

Here's a list of Hi-Res Frank Zappa albums to be released exclusively on Qobuz on April 2nd:

  • Absolutely Free
  • Burnt Weeny Sandwich
  • Bongo Fury
  • Chicago '78
  • Zappa In New York (40th Anniversary Deluxe)
  • Orchestral Favorites (40th Anniversary)
  • Halloween 81
  • Halloween 81 Highlights
  • The Mothers 1970 Box Set

Listen to Frank Zappa on Qobuz here.


This is exciting news for Zappa fans everywhere! Frank Zappa was a genius musician who also had more than a few things to say about the music industry, government and life in general. We also love us some Qobuz and will be tuning in for the live discussion on YouTube.

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