Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Pre-amplifier Announced

Posted on 18th October, 2020

Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Pre-amplifier Announced

Gold Note has revealed a new Class-A phono stage, and it boasts three independent inputs, multiple gain and load settings, and over forty EQ Curves.

The Gold Note PH-1000 is being pitched as “the best phono stage” that the Firenze-based company has created so far. The Italian-made preamp features exclusive Class-A discrete components, along with a Class-A headphone output. Moreover, the PH-1000 doesn’t just offer eighteen EQ curves for Stereo, Mono and 78rpm records - it allows you to actually adjust the equalisation to virtually recreate any EQ curve ever used to press a record, we are told.

Gold Note PH-1000 phono stage

With over forty EQ curve presets and a further quartet of owner-adjustable curves you should have no problem matching what is required by your vinyl, whether it's RIAA, Capitol, Columbia/CBS, Deutsche Grammophon, Decca London USA, Decca London UK or Decca Mono 78rpm. Furthermore, each curve can be “enhanced” thanks to Gold Note's proprietary technology inspired by the Neumann Cutting Lathe, we are told.

As well as being able to dial in the perfect EQ curve, cartridge matching is equally flexible as the PH-1000 sports fourteen gain levels (from 31dB to 74dB) and seven options to adjust the capacitance (from off to 1000pF). There is also a dozen Load levels (100KΩ - 10Ω) to select from.

Handily, you can fine-tune your settings, including the EQ curve, on the fly via the Single Knob Control (SKC) and display. Gold Note states that, while the interface is digital, it is totally independent of the audio path, which is entirely analogue.

The result is an ultra-low noise phono stage with high gain and no audio filters. All the functionalities are in fact managed through discrete audio-grade components and sealed single switches, ensuring that the signal path is as short as possible to deliver superior audio quality.

The PH-1000 offers three independent inputs, two RCA and one XLR. There are also two other inputs, one RCA and one XLR, that can be used either for the external load plugs for even finer control of the Load or as line inputs on the PH-1000 with Preamp. Outputs come in RCA and XLR flavours plus a separate Stereo output for Tube (balanced GN) if you opt to add the company's TUBE-1012 or TUBE-1006 to the party.

Add the other functionalities, such as the Headphone Output, the Stereo/Mono control with phase inversion, the L/R Channel Swap and the Rumble Subsonic Filter (10Hz/36dB oct) and here you have it, the most advanced phono stage on the market, boasts the manufacturer.

Frequency response is quoted at 20Hz-20KHz (20Hz-50KHz - Enhanced), Total Harmonic Distortion is <0.01% MAX, and signal to noise ratio at -100dB. Dynamic range is listed as 110dB, and output impedance, 50Ω.

Finally, if you want to get even more from the PH-1000, Gold Note points you in the direction of the PSU-1250/PSU-1000 external power supplies.

Available in two models - PH-1000 (suggested retail price of £8,700/ €9.600) and PH-1000 LINE (£12,500/ €13.500), with the LINE model featuring a Class-A line preamp stage.

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