GIK Sound Blocks & Turbo Trap Pro at Bristol Hi-Fi Show

Posted on 26th January, 2023

GIK Sound Blocks & Turbo Trap Pro at Bristol Hi-Fi Show

GIK Acoustics will be in control at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2023 with their Sound Blocks and Turbo Trap Pro solutions.

An upgrade area that is steadily becoming recognised in domestic situations is room treatment. Naturally, this has been found in recording studios and control rooms for decades; however, relatively recently, the home listener has been discovering the benefits.

GIK Sound Blocks

Leading that charge is GIK Acoustics, with its UK HQ based in West Yorkshire. At the Bristol Hi-Fi Show, the company will highlight its two most recent innovations at the Bristol Show with the Sound Blocks and Turbo Trap Pro.

The Sound Blocks provide effective absorption and sonic excellence down an incredible 50Hz. We are told that this is the only product on the market that does that. Additionally, the Sound Blocks come with a range of add-ons such as diffusion plates and patented Flex-Range Technology in either wall or free-standing configuration. The latter is convenient as it allows those who can't, or would rather not, bolt them to the wall to benefit from room correction while also making the modular array mobile.

GIK Sound Blocks

GIK says that once setting up your Sound Blocks, you can expect bass build-up and annoying echoes to become things of the past.

On the subject of bass build-up, the Turbo Trap Pro is an innovative cylindrical bass trap that improves the listening experience of any room.

GIK Turbo Trap Pro

First seen on GIK's stand at UK Audio Show 2022, its unique, rounded shape can support up to 50kg and looks great when placed in corners or alongside walls; even better as a stand for bookshelf speakers or decorative items! GIK promises that, with effective absorption down to 70Hz, this revolutionary bass trap will take your home cinema or studio setup to new heights.

GIK Turbo Trap Pro

As with most of GIK's products, the Turbo Trap Pro is available in a variety of colours, fabrics and top/bottom options.

Find GIK Acoustics on the Ground Floor of The Bristol Hi-Fi Show


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