GIK Acoustics Modular Sound Block System Launched at High End Munich 2022

Posted on 28th May, 2022

GIK Acoustics Modular Sound Block System Launched at High End Munich 2022

GIK Acoustic's modular Sound Blocks make room sound treatment more friendly and flexible

Sound Block from GIK Acoustics debuted at High End Munich 2022 and offers a new level of performance and flexibility for high-end audio rooms that need world-class performance.

Each Sound Block is 23 x 23 x10.5-inches (HxWxD) and can be mounted on the wall or interlocked together with rails to create freestanding arrays to precisely fit your space as a false wall. Because they are so thick, these are powerhouse broadband bass traps that promise excellent performance active below 50Hz, in all configurations.

Arrays are made with three slight variations in the product to accommodate the interlocking capacity of the array. For instance, each array has a bottom row, designed to be on the ground, with a few options to determine its freestanding characteristics and rails on the top to connect to the next Sound Block. The top row Sound Block has rails on the bottom to attach to Sound Blocks underneath it. If you just use those 2 styles, your array will be 46-inches tall. You can then opt to add a middle section, creating a 69-inch tall array or, with two centre pieces, 92-inches in height.

However, that's not all that this modular design offers. Further flexibility comes from the midrange/ treble response options available for each Sound Block: full absorption, range limited bass trapping, Alpha diffusion plates, and the visually-oriented Impression plates. This enables each Sound Block to be individually configured within the array for optimal midrange and treble balance for your particular requirement.

Moreover, the GIK Acoustics design team is always on hand to help you map out these configurations to optimise performance for your specific needs.
Furthermore, should you be using the Sound Block array as a false/ partition wall, you can also specify rear finishes, such as using the same veneer plates as the Alpha and Impression panels but uncut for a consistent, decorative rear face.

The GIK Acoustics Sound Blocks will be available very soon with the top Sound Block priced at £127.50/ €150.50, the middle costing £135/ €160.50 and the bottom being £127.50/ €150.50. The feet are £20/ €25 and the wall mount costs £115/ €135.50. The faceplates are £25/ €30 each, and the scatter plates cost £15/ €18 apiece. Limiters are £8/ €10.

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