Gik Acoustic Foam Alpha And Impression Panels

Posted on 7th October, 2019

Gik Acoustic Foam Alpha And Impression Panels

GIK Acoustics has just announced new high-performance foam versions of their Impression and Alpha Series.

The Impression and Alpha panels are now available in a square design measuring 23.5- x 23.5- and 2.25-inch thick. The high-performing acoustic foam offers a lightweight, versatile, affordable, and effective version of the company's artfully crafted acoustic panels.  

GIK Acoustics Alpha and Impression

2A Alpha Series

According to GIK, the Alpha Series Acoustic Foam Panel features an aesthetically and acoustically superior acoustic panel that provides a combination of diffusion and absorption. 

GIK Alpha Foam Panels

The panels are made with an acoustic foam absorption material and then finished with an attractive faceplate. The fascia comes either in a mathematical pattern of slots for one-dimensional scattering/diffusion or dots and dashes for two-dimensional scattering/diffusion.

Additionally, you also get five plate finishes to choose from, including Blonde Veneer, Mahogany and Grey Elm. 

Furthermore, those dimensional options are not only useful but add interest too.

1D option

GIK Alpha Foam Panel

Uses a mathematical sequence in a column that extends the length of the panel. The vertical slats of the 1D allow sound energy to be scattered along a horizontal plane.

2D options

Uses a sequence of columns and rows with variable spacing that provides horizontal and vertical scattering of sound. 

GIK Alpha Foam Panel

2D (a) has a pattern of dots and dashes.

GIK Alpha Foam Panel

2D (b) has a pattern of dashes.

Impression Series

The Impression Series are the most aesthetically pleasing options to our eyes. Moreover, the acoustic foam panels promise you superior sound absorption and sound diffusion. All that is done with style to improve the sound within a space. 

GIK Impression Foam Panels

The panels absorb the low-mid frequencies and diffuses the high ones simultaneously. 

The Impression series comes in 23.5- x 23.5-inch square, and you get a choice of 12 beautiful patterns and five finishes.

This series not only performs well in critical listening environments (audio rooms or studios) but is also a perfect fit for any room in your home. 

They are also ideal for public places where the room acoustics interfere with your enjoyment. It could be your workplace or a restaurant where speech intelligibility is compromised. They are truly versatile.

Price and availability

Both the Impression and 2A Alpha Acoustic Foam panels are priced starting at £50 per panel in the pre-order sale (£42.50 Excl. VAT).

For more information, head on over to GIK Acoustics.


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