GetLoud Session Music Performances Released

Posted on 27th May, 2021

GetLoud Session Music Performances Released

Italian hi-fi stand manufacturer Solidsteel is supporting musical talent so that we continue to have new music to listen to.

GetLoud Session is an independent audiovisual project co-founded by Solidsteel. Conceived in May 2020 during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, the concept began through the meeting of three Italian professionals: Luca La Morgia (Get Loud Studio), Nico Malaspina (Grizzly Collective) and Gaetano Conti (Solidsteel).

GetLoud Session

Through a common motivation to create unique audiovisual content backed up by experience, artistic skill, and a passion for music and cinematography, the trio devised GetLoud Session.

GetLoud Session aims to promote and share high-quality music in a period characterised by significant challenges. The extraordinary recent historical moment gave birth to a union of intents resulting in a project that values music and what it means to so many people.

Although the lockdown is slowly being lifted, it may be some time before live music returns to how it was. However, during this time, artists have discovered and leveraged new ways to reach their fans. GetLoud Session has taken the route of combining visual art with a range of Italian and international musicians to create something beautiful that can cross musical genres and identities. The collaborative inspiration is driven by the intimate and authentic essence of music.

GetLoud Session has hosted musical artists such as Marianne Mirage, Alex Ulhmann, Carl Brave and Nic Cester, with the episodes being created in Milan during summer 2020 at Encadrer - “an innovative conceptual space that mixes image, art, and culture”.

Episode 01 featuring Marianne Mirage is available to view for free now.

The next episode features Alex Ulhmann and will go live in a few days, but here's a teaser.

Visit GetLoud Session for more details


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