Fourth-Gen Focal K2 Power In-Car Hi-Fi Speakers

Posted on 31st October, 2023

Fourth-Gen Focal K2 Power In-Car Hi-Fi Speakers

Focal announces its refreshed K2 Power line with new and exclusive technologies, a compact profile, and refined aesthetics.

Focal has evolved its renowned K2 Power range to further improve performance whilst preserving the K2 DNA, born with the creation of the iconic yellow cone in 1986. With the fourth generation of K2 Power audio kits, the French brand proclaims it is “asserting its prowess in onboard sound reproduction like never before.”

Focal K2 Power 4th-Generation 2023


The fourth-generation K2 Power continues to sport the iconic yellow cone and promises pure hi-fi sound. Manufactured in Focal's workshops, the range includes ten products: a coaxial kit, five 2-way component kits, one 3-way component kit and three subwoofers.

Focal K2 Power 4th-Generation 2023

Crucial to the range is the aramid fibre K2 sandwich cone. According to Focal, this innovation ensures rigidity, lightness, and damping - the three essentials of a good speaker driver. Initially developed for the range of high-end Sopra loudspeakers, the TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) surround allows you to control the resonance effects and drastically reduce the distortion associated with cone deformation. The speaker drivers use this patented technology to diffuse clearly defined midranges. Also composed of a K2 sandwich cone in aramid fibre, the TKME tweeter has an 'M’-profile, allowing better control of cone deformation and precise reproduction of high frequencies up to 22kHz.

Focal K2 Power 4th-Generation 2023

Naturally, the range encompasses Focal's expertise and innovations to promise even greater performance. Features include kits fitted with a FRAK tweeter, which, says Focal, gives your system unprecedented dynamics. The French firm comments that, designed like a speaker driver (TMD surround, progressive profile spider), it provides a unique sound experience inside the vehicle. Equipped with an 'M’-profile cone, it combines aluminium – enabling enhanced frequency lowering – with magnesium, working together to elevate the high-performance treble.

Focal K2 Power 4th-Generation 2023

Another element Focal is particularly proud of is its shallow depth kits, SUB 25 KXS and ES 165 K2S. We are told that it has made them highly compact without losing energy.

As for the design, K2 Power has had a makeover with “modernised and updated aesthetics” - a black finish to make the K2 cone pop more and a black textured finish on the TKME tweeter.

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