Focal Symphonie 40th High-End Headphone Station

Posted on 6th December, 2019

Focal Symphonie 40th High-End Headphone Station

Focal has announced the availability of its special Symphonie 40th luxury case which is delivered with Utopia and Stellia headphones.

The French audio firm unveiled the Symphonie 40th headphone gift set (and what a gift this would be to find under your Christmas tree) at this year's Munich High End show.

Focal Symphonie 40

The numbered, limited edition case, of which only 40 cases will be available worldwide to mark Focal's 40 years, safely cosset the high-quality ear pleasers.

The Macassar ebony veneered box opens to reveal a beige microfibre lining in which a pair of Utopia and Stellia headphones softly nestle.

Focal Symphonie 40

As well as these outstanding headphones, the Symphonie 40th comes equipped with everything you will need to enjoy them. The range-topping Utopia open-back headphones can be used with the bundled Focal Arche DAC and amplifier. For listening on-the-go Focal has matched the excellent Stellia closed-back headphones with the equally impressive Questyle QPM high-definition audio player, also included.

Focal Symphonie 40

It would be churlish to give you all that and not provide connecting cables of matching quality. So, Focal has generously included a 4-pin balanced Litz XLR cable to connect the Utopia to the Arche, while a 4.4mm jack cable links the Stellia to the Questyle player. Additionally, cables to connect the Utopia to the player (mini-jack adapter) and the Stellia to the Arche (XLR cable) are also supplied.

Focal Symphonie 40

Finally, as you will no doubt want to take the headphones with you and leave the large case at home, there is also a sumptuously designed carrying case included.

Price and availability

The Focal Symphonie 40th is available now with a UK SRP of £13,999 including VAT.

For more information, head to Focal.


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