Final Audio Unveils Flagship D7000 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Posted on 11th May, 2024

Final Audio Unveils Flagship D7000 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Final uses High End Munich 2024 to reveal its new D7000 flagship headphones.

If you're a fan of planar magnetic headphones, you'll most likely have heard of the Japanese brand Final Audio and its famous D8000 headphones. The company has just launched a new pair of flagship headphones, the D7000, with upgrades to the technology inside.

Final D7000 High End Munich 2024

The driver of the Final D7000 has been enhanced, and the Air Film Damping System (AFDS) technology has been updated to ensure extended reproduction of bass frequencies. This means that unlike most planar headphones, the Final D7000 can deliver deep, rich bass without the risk of distortion, even at high playback volumes.

Without worrying about the diaphragm coming into contact with the magnet due to AFDS, the frequency of bass tones that the driver produces can be lowered without distortion.

Final D7000 High End Munich 2024

A new pinna-aligned diffuser has been developed for the D7000 headphones, designed to deliver consistent sound quality. This is housed in a lightweight, machined aluminium magnesium alloy housing.

Final D7000 High End Munich 2024

Final has also developed a new open-type earpad with a unique washi material, a traditional Japanese paper. The brand claims this material offers superior durability, air permeability, moisture control, and antibacterial/odour-eliminating properties.

The headband also uses this material, and Final touts that this breathable material provides a natural openness that utilises the driver's bass capacity.

Final D7000 High End Munich 2024

As for accessories, the Final D7000 comes in a protective carrying case that can be locked for extra security and a 3m OFC cable that terminates in a 6.3mm headphone plug.

The Final D7000 headphones are now available at an RRP of £2,999.

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