Extraudio Teams With Elite Audio for UK and Ireland Distribution

Posted on 14th May, 2021

Extraudio Teams With Elite Audio for UK and Ireland Distribution

Products from Netherlands-based boutique amplifier and cable-maker Extraudio are now available in the UK through Elite Audio.

Extraudio BV from Amsterdam and Leidschendam in The Netherlands has struck a deal with Fife-based distributor Elite Audio UK to handle its artisan products in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Extraudio and Elite Audio UK

We are told that Extraudio is a small company whose team is dedicated to the research, design and development of high-end audio products. These designs utilise pure class A amplification as well as combining it with class D, creating a new category of amplification that they dub class AD. Extraudio products are both unique and exclusive, handmade and long-lasting, beautiful works of art for audiophiles.

Extraudio and Elite Audio UK

Extraudio's amplifiers combine vacuum tubes with solid-state transistors, with the manufacturer stating that it does not champion any one technology over another. Instead, says the company, it prefers a combination of both to achieve the objective - maximum high-fidelity and completely flat frequency response.

Extraudio and Elite Audio UK

The ranges available will include their flagship ARTISAN VALVES SERIES and ARTISAN SOLID STATE SERIES with Phono Pre-amps, Digital Sources, and Processors to be announced later.

Extraudio and Elite Audio UK

Additionally, Extraudio offers a comprehensive range of audiophile-grade cables, from Analogue and Digital Interconnects to Power Cords and Speaker Interconnects with jumpers and risers as accessories.

Extraudio and Elite Audio UK

Mark Cargill, owner of Elite Audio UK, told StereoNET:

Extraudio products are some of the finest I have had the pleasure to experience, both sonically and in terms of incredible build quality. They clearly understand that this is about music and getting as close to that natural experience as it is possible to achieve, and it truly is a privilege to represent them in the UK. We will be offering ALL Extraudio products with a fully comprehensive 7-year warranty in the UK, such is our confidence about the products they manufacture.

Extraudio and Elite Audio UK

Tomás B. López, Extraudio CTO (Chief Electronic Design and Engineering), added:

We are very proud and happy to work with Mark and the team at Elite Audio UK exclusively for England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and look forward to bringing our existing range and new products due to launch soon to the UK.

Extraudio and Elite Audio UK

Extraudio boasts a multidisciplinary team made up of engineers, programmers, musicians, designers, and audiophiles, all working closely together to create the Extraudio experience resulting from more than six years of research and development dedicated to achieving a product unlike anything previously available.

We at StereoNET congratulate both Extraudio and Elite Audio on this partnership and look forward to getting to know Extraudio's products very soon.

For more information visit Extraudio


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