Exposure Reference VXN Phono Preamplifier Announced

Posted on 28th February, 2022

Exposure Reference VXN Phono Preamplifier Announced

A new reference-level VXN phono amplifier from Exposure Electronics has been launched to be used with the British company's VXN power supply.

Created with serious vinylistas in mind, the VXN phono amplifier is designed to be partnered with Exposure's VXN Power Supply. The resulting two-box setup ensures the sensitive phono circuits are entirely isolated from the power supply circuitry for the lowest possible noise and highest possible performance. For the absolute maximum experience, says the British brand, two VXN power supplies can be used, one for each channel, in a three-box dual mono configuration.

Exposure VXN phono preamp

Exposure's VXN phono preamp boasts fully adjustable input stages that can be finely tailored for either MM or MC cartridges which can be selected via the front panel button. Meanwhile, DIP switches on the unit's rear allows for gain and loading with quoted sensitivity listed as 5mV input for 500mV output, 40dB gain setting for MM input and 500uV input for 500mV output 60dB gain setting for MC input. Additionally, Signal to noise ratio ref 1kHz & 500mV out (A-weighted) for the MM input is stated as >82dB with MC input measuring >72dB.

Exposure VXN phono preamp

We are also informed that THD measured @ 1 kHz, ref 500mV output <0.005% and the new phono stage's frequency response is 30Hz - 20kHz within +/- 0.25dB ref 1kHz with low frequency roll-off below 30Hz.

The 89mm x 218mm x 348mm (HxWxD) all-aluminium casework and extruded front panel are said to control resonance and stray electromagnetic fields.

Exposure VXN phono preamp

Inside, all audio circuits use discrete transistors only; no integrated circuits in the signal path. Exposure tells us that the VXN phono preamplifier uses high-quality resistors and capacitors throughout the signal path with very high-quality polypropylene capacitors featuring in critical areas of the RIAA equalisation.

The Exposure VXN phono amplifier is available now in black, priced at £1,790 (incl. VAT).

Visit Exposure for more information


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