Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition Makes Final Appearance

Posted on 18th October, 2023

Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition Makes Final Appearance

One of only ten pairs of Forza Anniversary Edition loudspeakers will be demonstrated at the Audio Video Show 2023 in Warsaw.

Estelon's Forza Anniversary Edition marked a significant milestone in the Estonian-based company's journey when it was announced at the end of 2020 to commemorate a decade of unparalleled success in high-end audio.

Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition Warsaw Show

The Estelon Forza boasts cutting-edge technologies derived from the company's flagship model, the Extreme. It features a 4-way design comprising two custom-made 11-inch aluminium-sandwich woofers, an 8-inch aluminium-sandwich mid-woofer, a 7-inch ceramic membrane midrange driver, and a 1-inch diamond tweeter – all crafted by Accuton.

Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition Warsaw Show

Estelon states that this combination ensures an exceptional listening experience with deep and precise bass, fast upper bass, distortion-free mid-range frequencies, and crystal-clear high frequencies extending up to 60 kHz – well beyond the human hearing range.

Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition Warsaw Show

Typical of Estelon's cabinet design, the Forza's soft curves are said to eliminate reflective diffraction effects, resulting in linear dispersion not only in front of the loudspeaker but also at various angles. Moreover, the cabinet's curved walls and meticulously designed interior chambers should minimise cabinet vibrations, preserving the purity of the audio signal that emanates solely from the driver elements. Each speaker tips the scales at 330 lbs (150 kg), so the Forza possesses reactive and dynamic stability, enhancing transient attack and delivering unmatched dynamics and micro-dynamic details in the sound.

Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition Warsaw Show

The special unveiling by Nautilus at the Audio Video Show in Poland will be the only opportunity for audiophiles to witness and listen to the Forza Anniversary Edition, as only 10 pairs were ever produced.

The Audio Video Show in Warsaw runs between October 27th and 29th, with The Estelon Forza featuring at the Golden Tulip Hotel (Room: Golden I).

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