Erzetich Mania and Phobos Headphones Updated

Posted on 5th July, 2021

Erzetich Mania and Phobos Headphones Updated

Erzetich has announced some updates to its popular Mania and Phobos headphones resulting in lighter, more adjustable and clearer sounding models.

Erzetich's Mania and Phobos headphones were launched in 2018 with the Slovenian-based boutique audio brand definitely walking its own path from the very beginning with its hand-crafted cans.

We really enjoyed our time with the original Mania headphones stating, “The openness and wide soundstage mated with the detail, and instrumental separation makes the Mania an excellent choice for long listening sessions.” So, any changes made to these and the Phobos already has our interest piqued. Additionally, we're not alone in liking what Erzetich does, with other fans including Nile Rodgers, Bill Gould, and Imogen Heap.

Founder, Blaž Erzetič says, “Due to the popularity of the Mania and Phobos headphones, we decided to build on the qualities that make our headphones stand out – superior sound quality, innovative design and a comfortable fit.

Erzetich acknowledges the importance of a quality pair of headphones has in this day and age, especially when so much music is consumed via one of the popular streaming services. Not only do the headphones you choose need to be able to perform well, but they also have to look good and, perhaps, also project your personality.

Thanks to their octagonal linden wood earcups, you instantly know that the Mania and Phobos can only come from Erzetich. However, the latest Mania and Phobos models feature a carbon fibre headband with the stainless steel on the earcups now replaced by CNC machined aluminium. Finally, they also get a new method of height adjustment.

We are told to expect an “even more controlled and clear sound” from the new, lighter headphones, too.

The newly updated products will be available to buy from Autumn 2021 with the Mania costing €1,199 and the Phobos, €1,999. This also means that the V2018 versions of the Mania and Phobos have been discounted, while stocks last.

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